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W5430 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Hilda
Oct 19 1905
To: Knox College, Toronto, Ontario
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

My dearest Cal,

Very many thanks for your birthday letter which reached me Saturday. I have written Tom about Edna, all there is to tell, so you might get the letter from him and save your lazy sister time for Mary and I are very very busy house cleaning so as to be ready for Thanks giving.1 I am afraid it won't be a very merry holiday but still we must try and look on the bright side and be thankful for a great many mercies. For surely our prayer will be answered and Edna strengthened although it may not be for some months. In Tom's letter I warned him that if people become too inquisitive about Edna to say that the nurse came from Montreal; and that Edna went back with her as the Doctor advised change of scenery and invigorating air. We do not mention her name unless people ask after her particularly.2

I had a letter from Helen Gartshore in which she told me about Charlie and also said they expected to have the card taken off the door the following day.3 Geills McCrae and a Miss McLean from Scotland were here for dinner last friday on way to Baltimore for a short visit. Geills has fallen off a good deal, Mother thinks, since we saw her last, she is very thin. Perhaps it is because she is in love. Ruby's friend Mr Darrel was in the other night and was most anxious for us to take in a lodger because he was sure we must be lonely when there were only the three of us. Mother did not jump at the chance, even though it was a young man. With love from all.

Your loving sister

Touse (Hilda)

[P.S.]Do not expect a letter from Mither this is to do instead. She will probably write you in a few days.

{Enclosure from Mother]

Such a storm of rain last night that H.[Hilda] did not get your letter posted, so I am glad to add that we had word from Doctor to-day, "Miss McQuesten has been quieter to-day (Wednesday) and has taken her nourishment fairly well." To me, this is very encouraging, as she had taken nothing for days and we were powerless to make her. Have been writing Ida Walker, whom I have taken into my confidence, to send her some flowers on her birthday next Monday. Have not yet heard if we may write her.

With fondest love

your mother

Pray earnestly. Such a terrific wind am afraid windows may blow in.

1 For more on Edna's mental condition, see W2511, W5382, W5426, W5487, W5297.

2 For a note on the Gartshore family, see W4815.

3 See note at W4343 about servants at Whitehern. This establishes that the McQuesten family could no longer afford servants even for a thorough cleaning such as for Thanksgiving, which Hilda and Mary were doing.

4 For a note on Ida Welker, see W4521.

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