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W5495 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby Baker McQuesten
Jun 7 1906
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten [Macleod, Alberta]
From: Ottawa Ladies' College Ottawa, Ontario

My dearest Cal,

At last in peace and quietness in a clean & tidy room I have nearly an hour to myself. Shure'n it's been the busy life I've been living lately and papers have collected and exercises and letters and dust too.

But Young Mikey [Edna]was started for home on Monday, much delighted at the prospect and after packing up her things and seeing her safely started. 1 I came back feeling quite lost without her but ready to straighten up everything and start on the home stretch. So yesterday was sweeping day and my room was cleaned beautifully and then I looked over papers--It was the first real chance to read the account of the little Mither's speech,--then I looked over letters & made a note of those to answer & soothed my conscience with the promise of the future. And I've made small piles of borrowed things especially books to be returned and when this is all done such a virtuous creature as I'll be. That virtuous look will last through these next three weeks of exams & exam papers & reports & then suddenly on the 29th it will all disappear entirely. Hurrah my boy!

What do you think we're planning--it's by the Mither's strict orders--and of course it's awfully hard on me. It has been decided that I'm to take a trip to Quebec immediately on the close of school. So Miss Middleton & a Miss Tucker & perhaps another lady & myself are starting off on June 29th and expect to take the boat down & stay 4 or five days and see all we can & then I come back & meet Mama & Edna & we go up the Gatineau for the summer to Farm Point. To think of me tripping around in this way and then having nothing to do for 2 full months seems almost too good to be true. It's sad not to think of not going home at all but then when H.& M. [Hilda & Mary] are going for visits all summer & you are away and I hope Tom can get away some place, it makes it seem different, and certainly it will be awfully good for us and very necessary for the home people to get away from the noise [of the trains].

When I think of going to Quebec it makes me long to have you with me so we could enjoy things together. You're such a good sport for jaunting around with. There is nobody quite like you. Some day we'll go together & enjoy it all over again. And so you'll have to give me all the pointers about places & history that I wouldn't get from the people there or guide books. You of course had just a short time but what did you enjoy most? We are going to stay at a Miss Jones whom the Robinsons told us of, two nice, maiden ladies who can tell you what you should see & how to go about it. And we're expecting to have just a glorious time. Invested in such a nice light basket affair the shape of a dress suitcase but not so abominably heavy. It was just $1.50 so nice,--I can carry it on and not be bothered with my baggage for so short a time.

Well my dear I often think of you and wonder how you are getting along out there. Are you riding any wild bronchos & nearly killing yourself as before. Be a good boy and write me soon & tell me the news about yourself & whatever there is about Quebec, for the time is going & it takes so long for letters to go & come. Be good to yourself--with ever so much love,

Your affec'ate sister,


1 Edna was mentally fragile and was staying with Ruby in Ottawa while her mother was in the West on a Missionary society inspection trip. See W5426, W5487, W2511, W5382, W5297. For Mary's trip out west, see W5487.

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