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W5516 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jun 28 1906
To: Calvin McQuesten Macleod, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin

I trust all is well with you, but it seems a very long time since we heard from you, it is just two weeks since I returned home and I received one then. I was glad to hear you had stood the day's preaching so well. On Monday evening I gave an account of my trip to quite a good audience in our Sunday School and all expressed themselves as highly delighted. I feel much freer since I got it off my mind, for I had found it impossible to commit it to paper and had to trust to inspiration for the moment. Then yesterday I had to go down to Dr. Capon and I was persuaded by Tom to take the Turbinia at 8:45 instead of an earlier boat as the timetable said it would reach Toronto at 11 o'clock, but it was nearly an hour later so I missed my appointment but Dr. C. did his best and by using his lunch and making others wait, managed to finish my work and beautifully too. So I did not get away from there till half past three so I just had time to run up to Mrs. Mackays and have a little lunch and not get to the stores at all, but I was very thankful to have got my dentistry done- I really have felt very well indeed since I returned home, the long change did my nerves good but it has created a thirst for travel, I fancy there are others who have the thirst too. Our trip to Gatineau had to be given up, the person who was to take us failed to get servants, so we have written to Lake Of Bays. As Mrs. McKenzie gave Mary the board at such a reduced rate, did not like to ask to take us for fear she would not know what to do, and we couldn't manage that. Ruby leaves for Quebec to-morrow 29th and expects to be home here the week after July 5th. Saturday 30th is Tom's birth-day but as he has to practice for frat race on Dominion Day, he will not be up, but I think the Rowing has done him good, before he was looking thin now he goes down to row in the morning and finds he needs two breakfasts. I saw Leila Senkler at Mrs. Mackay's, I thought her looking very well, in spite of Maggie's lugubrious tales. We have just been having a small five o'clock Tea for various girls, Grace Rioch and the McLarens, Kate Colquhoun and the Clarks, I do not know that you have met them, new friends of the girls, their father a clergyman. I only wish you could have been here for the ice-cream and strawberries &c., it was too bad to tell you about it.

Did I mention that there was a rumour the club might take our place? Well, they have decided to stay where they are. But we are not worrying at all. I feel all will be managed for us at the right time. The Catalpa are lovely now and the roses. Mr. Hendrie has gone at last, you know he has been dying so many months. We have been having rain nearly every day, last month it was a wet month and we thought when moon changed there it might be a change but it was a wet moon too. Mr. Ketchen is to take two months holidays, he is not strong at all and sometimes I really feel cross with him, when he knew what strength he had to undertake an old city church, it seemed so senseless, and I think he is the kind that is always worrying about himself. We are having an interesting time with a pair of wrens. Hilda, one day just above the hammock hook hung up by its string a preserved ginger jar, it was hung side ways so that the top was on the side, and in this the wren's have built, they make such a noise that I am afraid of the cats. Well, my dear dear boy. I hope you are quite well and happy, I have an idea whoever has your letters neglects to post them as soon as possible, but I hope to hear soon. With much love from us all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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