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W5591 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 6 1906
To: Calvin McQuesten Macleod, Alberta
From: Bayview Farm, Dorset P.O.

My dearest Cal.

We are going on here as usual, nothing very exciting, in fact the great difficulty for most of the people is to find something to do. A gentleman from Galt who came on Saturday night went out early this morning and brought in a 4 1/2 lb. salmon trout and another smaller, a great feat which no one has accomplished since we came. Perhaps it was the storm last night, for we had a great one of thunder, lightning and rain. Fortunately, it did not come early in the day, so we went over to church in the morning, but one felt it was coming for it was very hot. We had another preacher from Montreal, he said. He seemed to be a thoughtful fellow but dry and most unattractive. It is really a most serious question, this one of the preacher. Talk of salaries, why men like these two we have heard up here are not worth paying. One doubts if they would ever convert a soul, no life in them at all, it seems to me they can never have had a vision of unsaved souls. What is preaching? It seems to be forgotten. It is not intended to be a quiet little talk about some passage, that is a bible class. It is to my mind a proclamation of the way of escape to every man, who has not accepted Christ as his Saviour; and the preacher fails, if he does not make every one in his audience ask himself, am I saved or not? It is simply deplorable to think of the colleges sending out these miserable specimens. Dr. Long would need to come to the preachers. If a man has no earnestness when he is young when will he have it; but another trouble is, they all look tired; so it seems to me there most be something wrong in the system. All the freshness seems taken out of the men. I think it must be that they have never a holiday. I wonder if it is a good thing for students to go on fields in the summer at all, they all look as if they wanted sleep. So I think it must be the want of money that is really at the bottom of the trouble, I think I must just send you the family letters as I have nothing to relate. The old man "Sandy" at Tenlon was the buried man, a character, who had grown weary of so many "wimmen" coming to see the hospital. You see Tenlon is only two hours by train from Winnipeg so that a great many of our ladies went out and the only train left there at 6:45 a.m. and he had to drive them to the station. I wish I could remember the exact words used by him as to these "Wimmen" before I arrived. Would you believe it more than half of our holiday is over? Your letters have been very regular, and one will probably come to-day, but must send this off before it comes when someone goes. A lot of Pittsburghers came up a week ago and are in tents across the bay. They have a piano and band, a barber shop, a hospital tent and doctor and a bar. In the evenings we go over to hear the music sometimes. Fancy going to all this expense and going so far for two weeks. Is that young chap Leonard, that Mary speaks of the one who stole sometimes? I had a letter from Mr. Thomson. Well Cal dear, I hope you are getting on well and having a little pleasure in between. With much love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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