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W5596 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 13 1906
To: Calvin McQuesten MacLeod Alberta
From: Bayview Farm Dorset Ont.

My dearest Cal,

We were glad to hear from you on Saturday. I missed your letter a week before, but just knew you were out of reach of P.O. We were not able to get to Dorset to church yesterday morning, but in the evening, R.[Ruby] and I went with a young man and his sister to the Methodist Church. Service does not begin till 7.30, so it was nine when we started to row back in the dark, but it was a clear starlight night, though no moon and they made a bon-fire on our shore so we got home alright. We heard a most remarkable sermon from a young Englishman with a broad dialect though he did not drop his h's. Sometimes we did not know at all what he was talking about, he used very flowery and original language and it was a marvel to me how he talked so long and voluminously about nothing and not a word of the Bible in it or a particle of gospel teaching. I am almost wild with the preachers. Before he began he announced that he was physically tired after an 8 miles walk from his last service but his tongue was not weary apparently, his prayers were equally remarkable, but perhaps I am too matter of fact and practical to appreciate the imaginative.

It was very cold yesterday morning but it is warming up again. We have now got in the next room to us a fat doctor from Berlin with his wife and child, the latter has taken away the peace of our house. I am thankful we had so many weeks of quiet. We have been here nearly five weeks, so the holidays are fast flying. I am sorry for the girls; for me there is no place like home. I fancy Mary's sleep has been disturbed too for she speaks of having gone out to the boat house to sleep and being much quieter. If we could fill our house here with our own party, it would be perfect, the situation is so lovely and the table so good. Hilda is in Walkerton now they are so kind to her always. Tom is a naughty boy not to write you, but I think he is not a good hand at writing letters. To make up for my stupid letters will enclose the family ones. It is a good thing I think to be getting fat, if one's nerves are to rest Dr. A. says one must be fat. With much love from us all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] By the papers see that Central Church has determined to build on corner of Hannah and Caroline.

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