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Aug 19 1906
To: Mary Baker McQuesten Whitehern Hamilton Ontario
From: Staney Brae Lake Joseph Ontario

Staney Brae
Lake Joseph
Aug. 19 1906

My dear Mother,

Received your letter and was so glad to hear that you all were gaining in health. Things have been going on here as usual although the house is nearly empty again, but six more are expected to-night. Mrs. Leonard the last of the old set left Saturday and I miss her so much. She was so kind and nice, and devoted to [fishing?], so we got on splendidly. Mr. Leonard Sr. came up for a few days, he is very comical, but a great tease. He brought up a friend of his, a Mr. Harling, and just because I got the names mixed and called him Harling instead of Leonard he gave me a peace declaring that I must have [?] badly [?] love to think by their word so often. Mr Harling thought it a great joke and backed him up in his nonsense. He is well up in years so you needn't be alarmed.

Last Thursday another newly married couple came here, so we gave them a bulbrush torchlight procession and a shower of rice.

Last Saturday evening we went down to see Kate McKenzie at Port and field forgotten we ran across each other & she wanted me down whenever I could come. I did not see her ever enough at Stoney Brae or rather but the [??]. However, some friends, the [?] asked them down for a [?] roast that evening I had not care [?] as I had only met them once and they are very ordinary people. At tea time it suddenly dawned on me to ask where they were staying and I found that we had to press the [???]

[The next paragraph is illegible]

Evidently greatly impressed her with his good breeding. The Mrs. [?] and Williamson offering people are very nice. Expect to go down to Clevelands to-morrow to see Mary Taylor and the five Clarks who are quite as well as Mary.

They have been having a great time [??].

About five weeks ago, a young lad Mr. McNicholl cut his foot very badly and had to be taken to Bala Hospital but was expected back to [?] afternoon we walked up and found Mrs. [?] the young Frenchman. I told [???] with his arm bandaged up. He had fallen on a rock this morning, and cut and bruised his hand and most [?]. The doctor was expected up to-night but up he did not come and the poor fellow would have to drive to Bala over a rough road. He seemed to feel as badly over his weakness telling me that he bought the [??] allowed for me sooner was so well than another was hurt. Had a card from Hilda. She expects to go to Thomas [?]. I have not heard from Tom, but suppose he is well [?] it is attended. I think Edna is well. How thankful we ought to be. Poor Anna Laidlaw

[The rest of this letter is illegible].

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