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W5691 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 20 1906
To: Calvin McQuesten Macleod, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin

Mary and I are thinking of going to Toronto on Monday, so think I had better begin my letter. For over a week now Edna has had quimsy and we feel so sorry for she was feeling so well, but she started off for a walk with Kizzie Birely and Emily McLaren, they walked away to the Gourlays, no one was at home, so without resting they walked back and Edna was overheated and tired, next day she would not rest, so the result has been disastrous. It is so trying on her, poor little soul, it is such a sore thing and she was in bed for Thanksgiving and I am afraid will be for her birth-day, on Tuesday.

On Tuesday I had to go up to Listowel for Presbyterial meeting. It was just like a summer day, I had to start off at 8 a.m and reached there between one and two p.m. Then an afternoon meeting and a fine tea. In the evening we had a fine address from Prof. Ross, he gives the best missionary address of any man I know. The next morning had to start for a 7:40 train. It was the day before Thanksgiving so there were crowds of people but I did not suffer and got home about one. Tom came up by 6 o'clock train. He was looking well, much better than he did in the summer when he was tired with the heat.

This is a very unfortunate matter of the Ontario Bank. Poor old Mr. Mackay! His last days have been very troubled ones. I see he is rated as worth $ 1,000,000, four times as much as any of the other directors. The Gzowski estate has lost keenly, Tom says they have been losing continually one way or another. Edna has just remarked "wasn't it a strange thing that Simon Peter wanted something done for his wife's mother?" She is a hard case and says terrible things sometimes. Mrs. Marshall was saying that Mrs. Graham of London was here at National Council of Women and was wishing to hear of you so as to write her son. I sent you a paper with Mr. Sedgwick's first sermon, it seemed to have fine thoughts in it. Mary Hannaford met Mary at the market this morning and she remarked that Edna must be twenty-one as your grandfather died just before she was born, so she was terribly concerned that none of the girls were married. Some one too had been over where John McQuesten lives and heard he was very sick, so she hoped we were keeping up with him. Perhaps you had better write him some day. Uncle C. did not accept our invitation to dinner, he is just a miserable old man, and we do not know what to do with him.

Tuesday Oct 23rd This is Edna's birth-day and a most lovely mild day. I am thankful to say that she seems almost quite well. On Sabbath evening her throat suddenly seemed to get better, whether it had gathered and broke, we do not know. We had Dr. Arnott on Saturday and he told us to blow baking soda on the throat inside through a paper tube, so we did that. But I think it was an answer to special prayer.

Well yesterday M. & I went to Toronto, it was wet in the morning and a little rough on the Lake, but it did not trouble us, and we got home alright. E. is in high glee to-day, I gave her one of my amethyst earrings set as a broach; I had given the other one to Ruby at Christmas; then she got a hat-pin from the girls and she is very cheerful. Tom had sent her a little box of cream taffy when he came last night, so she was much pleased.

Edie of St. Mary's sent Tom a Railway ticket or pass, so he is going the end of the week. Hilda was pleased to receive your birth-day letter and will answer some of these days. There has been a good deal of extra running up and down stairs and she is tired. Mr. Chisholm was asked to run for East Hamilton vacant through Carscallen's death, but declined, his health is not robust enough and his business requires him. Just fancy in two months you will be home. With much love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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