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W5728 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Nov 13 1906
To: Calvin McQuesten Macleod, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

Since I last wrote you, I have as usual been very busy. In fact it is hard to remember all my doings. Did I tell you of my Afternoon "Tea" for Miss Jane Buchanan and Miss Craig, between them they made a very interesting afternoon? Mrs. Thomson and Mrs. Joe [Thomson] Lady Taylor, Mrs. Fletcher, Leitch, Wardrope, Dewar and Elsie B. [Buchanan] were here. Wednesday was such a lovely day and Mr. Murray took E.[Edna] and me for a drive. Then on Thursday was Mrs. Mullin's "tea," given for her coming daughter-in-law. Mrs. Thomson brought Hilda and me with Norah Carter (Ambrose) and Eleanor home in her cab as there are no cars running.

You know Everyone sympathizes with the men. No one believes that the Company makes no money out of it, but I understand the city ran a close bargain with them, and they never kept to the terms of arbitration, after keeping the men waiting for weeks. On Saturday morning Hilda at the market heard people saying, that when the cars would be started, if people patronized them, the men would lose it. So I became wrought up to writing a letter. Hilda disapproved very much of my signing my name. Perhaps it would have carried more weight without, but I did it for the best. On the Friday morning I had walked down to the boat, for I was obliged to go to Dr. Capon, I am having a tooth treated and have had to go several times and must go again, am thankful for the cheap rates.

I saw Tom in Toronto, we had tea together at "Teapot Inn," excellent tea, a pot of it for 15 cts. Then I walked home again from the steamer. Nellie James walked up with me, so you will see I am in pretty good form. We do not know when the cars will run and we certainly miss them greatly, as this afternoon, when I am to go to Mrs. Fletcher's to meet Miss Buchanan. We are to worship in Association now for two Sabbaths, while the Church is being renovated. It seems too bad, it could not have been done whilst people were away in Summer, but Managers were so undecided whether to do anything. There being continually reports of Railway taking it. We have excellent congregations so many strangers come.

On Saturday morning began the chimes and yesterday they rang away, but really I cannot say I admire them very much. It is too much noise and they are certainly not worth the money. Today I met Mrs. Weir, who was not at the church for several months. She says Victoria is so lovely but so wicked and then she went to see her son's man Carpill. The minister there, a very young Scotchman, utterly discouraged thinks he must give up. Three educated Ranchmen just make fun of him and Calgary a sink of iniquity. Tomorrow I expect Mrs. John Taylor of Indore, she is to speak at our meeting in the evening. Then on Wednesday we both go up to Guelph for our Presbyterial meeting there. I am to speak one day and take Question Drawer the next, so will not be home for two days, but hope to get back Thursday night. I hope you are getting on well. Tell me about your different congregations. I really do not know their names. Glad to see Mrs. Jaffary had presentation, a fine one Mrs. J. With best of love from all.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQ.

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