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W5772 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jan 22 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten [22 Sewweud Toronto]
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

I hope you will get your Exams satisfactorily over to-day, you certainly have bracing weather. There is not a day that I do not remember with gratitude that you are not in the West this year. Poor Alberta has certainly had a very hard experience this year, and such stories of distress come from all parts of the West. I have a number of papers "East and West" and "Jewels" which is for very young children, was there any family out there you would like me to send them? Wasn't the wind on Sabbath terrific? We did not suffer, except a piece of our garden fence was blown down. Really the elements are very terrifying these days; and the constant snow-falls run off with my money in a very trying way.

That must have been a tremendous walk you took out to the McKenzies, think it was too much, walking is harder on you than riding. I was not feeling smart on Sabbath morning so did not go out unfortunately as Miss Ketchen was baptized. After the service Mrs. Ketchen brought in the baby and she sat up and looked all round in the most proper manner, people were quite charmed. Dr. Fletcher performed the rite and her name is Agnes May Patterson. Agnes is Mrs. McMahon's name, Mary Patterson, Mr. Ketchen's mother, and the sister who died was May.

Mrs. Ketchen's mother and sister were there, but poor Mrs. M. looks very sad. Lately we have just been afflicted with mice so we put some strychnine on the waiter and seven were laid out next morning. We saw Alice Chisholm the other day, she said it was very thoughtful of you to get the prairie chicken. Hilda has gone off this morning to the roller skating Rink, she liked the fun of it very much last time and it makes a little change. One sometimes is tempted sometimes to grumble at the monotony of life, but when we hear of the misery in various parts of the world from Earthquakes, floods and famine one is ashamed of one's ingratitude. We really do lead very comfortable lives, and such peaceful days. Have just received the little paper of the Africa school; old Mrs. Nelson Mills (mother of Stanley) had sent out Xmas presents for the school. It also told of a Xmas dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. Howey in the Presbyterian Church. Did I tell you that Hilda saw Jean Cook? She was here for a few days. When last I heard of her two years ago she was in the Asylum and we are so glad to think she is well again. With much love to you both.

Your loving mother

M. B. McQuesten

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