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W5794 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 26 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Toronto Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Calvin,

We have heard nothing further and neither has Mr. Chisholm,1 we met Joe Thomson2 to-day and he said the matter was not settled, had heard the Husbands3 were asking only $13,000; and also had heard on direct authority that Railway was going to expropriate our property. I really do not believe anything I hear, for a report was going that Central was offering their corner for $1600, which is perfect nonsense. They ask $20,000. Unless I get a good round sum, I could not leave here at all and Mr. C. [Chisholm] is sure the Railway is bringing a spur line for freight by North East end.4

For myself I just feel as I did about the Rhodes' Scholarship, I felt quite unable to judge what would be really the best thing.5 So I put it into the Lord's hands to direct the whole matter, and it is a great comfort to me to feel that I can put this business also into the hands of One who Knows the future, and can make no mistake; otherwise I could not stand the strain at all.

I really do not wonder that Mrs. Ross would speak of Prof. McFadyen's work as "poisonous," it seems the exact word to use.6 Jean Ross (Ruby tells me) heard him read a chapter of Genesis one Sabbath morning and then close the Book and say "Of course you may read this to children but what grown person could believe such as this?" I would like to ask him why he read it. If he thinks so, Genesis is not suitable reading for the Pulpit.7 Dr. Jordan of Brampton is the same, I fancy.8

Think I told you of hearing him the other morning at St. Paul's. Such a very poor effort! You forgot to tell me if you received the Record of Xtrian Work, when you are through please return it.9 This week we have been trying to make calls. Yesterday saw Mrs. Chas. Robertson. Percy has been home ill for days got run down and took grip: she does not know what to do with him. He just likes to play, would play the Mandolin all day, has no particular fancy for any calling. I feel very sorry for his mother. She had to give up keeping a servant and just herself to do everything, and I do not think he appreciates it one bit.10 Well, I am thankful I was never afflicted with lazy children. Must close, with love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For James Chisholm, see W2520.

2 For Thomson family, see W4415.

3 Dr. and Mrs.Thomas Husband lived at 33 Jackson St.W. in 1900 (Tyrell 143). Whitehern is at 41 Jackson St.W.

4 The previous T.H.& B. Railroad expropriation was mentioned W4415 (1901) when a portion of "Whitehern" property was taken by the Railroad. For James Chisholm, see W2520.

5 For discussion of Rhodes' Scholarship, see W5199.

6 For Ross family, see W4651.

7 For Dr. McFadyen and his church politics, see W-MCP1-1.025, W5283.

8 Dr. William George Jordan, theology professor at Queen's, was a prolific writer in the Old Testament field. His Prophetic Ideas and Ideals (1902) is an interpretation of the Prophets. He also wrote children's Bible stories (McNeill 185, 195, 203). Mary is less critical of Jordan in 1908, see W6252. For his connection with McFadyen and church politics, see W5283n.

9 Mary may be referring to the "published report" of the work of the London Missionary Society, see W5765. I have been unable to locate this work.

10 For Mrs. Charles Robertson and Percy, see W5630.

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