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W5798 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Feb 26 1907
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten [Toronto, Ontario]
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My dear old Cal,

You & Tom are reprobates in the ways of letter-writing. My weekly? [sic] epistles to you both should have stirred you up. But I'm of a lovely disposition you know & so I bear no malice.

So who do you think I saw last Thursday night? Mr. Sandwell, forsooth he was at the Robinsons. He hadn't seen Burnside since Xmas so I wasn't surprised that he hadn't seen much of you. After he had gone we decided that he had improved--his handshake was less clammy & he looked neater. Comical young Catherine says she hears he is no nearer the goal--there is still the other man with the automobile. Poor Sandwell--I can't blame the girls taste in a way--but it doesn't seem quite fair to keep him on if she never intends to marry him. Sandwell is to be here while the session lasts. Now if you had been on newspaper work here like that wouldn't it have been nice.1

The Robinsons always ask after you. Last Sunday we heard Mr. Knowles of Galt preach. Really Cal, I had heard so much adverse criticism of himself & his looks but he gave us a splendid sermon very eloquent & helpful & sound too. It was on the text, "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run & not be weary, they shall walk & not faint?" And be brought in more of the Atonement than you get in a year from Dr. Herridge. I had persuaded Jean Ross to come with me, though she wasn't anxious to after reading St. Cuthbert's and she thought it was a rattling good sermon & so did everyone I've met who heard it.

Well there is nothing special to tell. We heard a good lecture from Dr. Daly on Conditions of life in the deep seas. And he laughingly stated that there was as much authority for considering we were once marine creatures as apes. Miss Scott leaned back & whispered to me, "You were a pollywog," and you're my brother so you were a pollywog too & young Tom also.

Miss Needham is back & so the sitting room with its fire is no longer ours. But the extreme cold is over now so we really don't need it.

I hope you're managing your work all right keeping well. I often think I'd like to pop in & see your two rooms & surprise you when you come in. Ha! Ha ! I'd see if you were tidy my boy and how many things of mine you'd stolen. But I must close now--my period is up. Be good to yourself.

With much love,


1 B.K. Sandwell, lived with Calvin when they were both journalists in Montreal, see W4521.

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