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W5804 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 20 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Toronto, Ontario
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontrario

My dearest Calvin

The telegram of Mrs. MacKay's death made me anxious for a few moments and then, very thankful. Itisindeedablessedrelease! [sic] As she was no longer there and would not miss me,l did not go down to-day, as I might, for I am feeling much better and I could not but feel sad, not to see her to the very last. She had always seemed to love me so much, but I had H.[Hilda]write Mr. MacKay, for yesterday in the morning I had one of those blind turns.1

We saw your appointment in the Globe, that place does not sound so far away and the air was fine when I was in that district.2 As I knew you were busy with your exams yesterday I sent to Tom to see about flowers for Mrs. M.

As to our house I think it is almost certain to go on. I was at Dr. Osborne's yesterday about my glasses and he said there was nothing else to do, but go on for they all knew already that the cost of building would be great, and when they give us an indemnity of $200, it looks pretty certain. At any rate we will have a cottage for the summer; and if we have to leave this in the middle of April our various friends have offered all of us homes, Mrs. Thomson, Mrs. Mullin and May Stevens. When Mr. Mason and the steward and cooks were over on Monday, he decided they would not take attic (which seems too good to be true) but every inch of cellar space. I was horrified to hear the bar was to be in back cellar, had not quite realized that feature, but it seemed as if I had gone too far to draw back, and wondered if I were doing wrong and yet it is just the same as an hotel.3

I am thinking if you and Tom saw the notice of service at the House to night you would be able to go as your exams would be over, and satisfactorily I trust.

With much love

Your Mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For more on the Donald MacKay family, see W4297. Mary's "blind turns" occur from time to time and she sometimes requires rest and treatment for a "nervous condition." See her biography at E2-2.

2 The Hamilton Club had arranged to rent Whitehern for approx. one year in 1907 and Mary consented since it would bring in some income for the family and provide some funds for some much-needed repairs to Whitehern. For more on the Hamilton Club and the rental of Whitehern, see W5800.

3 Calvin was preparing to go to Glenhurst Saskatchewan as a missionary preacher. For more on Calvin, see his Biography by clicking on "Family" on the Home page and then on his picture.

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