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W5840 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister (Margaret) Edna
May 6 1907
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Oakville, Ontario

My dear Calvin

Mama has just left for Toronto by the four o'clock train. The Culhains were very sorry to miss you at the picnic. Harry Page thought he recognized Hilda, but not knowing you, he was not sure enough to speak. He was keeping watch by the road in a field with K. Parish. Hilda thought it was he but wasn't certain.

We have Mrs. James with us and are nearly worn out with her tongue (entre nous).

We are glad you have been fortunate so far. I hope you will reach your destination all right.

Hilda has gone to the Balmer's to make doll's clothes for Home Mission. Olive came down to remind her, so she had to go.

Moulton College closes on the 18th, a week from Tuesday.1 But Nellie is going to visit one of the girls so can't come here till Sept. I think I prefer people who are silent to everlasting talkers, at least if you must live with them. I refer to Mrs J.

I'm taking a S.S. class of small boys but don't know how I'll succeed. I got a letter from Kittie, she seems to have put in a busy winter in N.Y. I dont envy her. I prefer some peace.

The blossoms are out and also the narcissus. They are quite a show.

Grace and Elizabeth Rioch are leaving for the continent this month.

Tom has not got a place yet and seems kind of out of sorts. Sunday night Mrs. J. was telling ghost stories and afterwards he said "I'm going down to see the spirit member." Meaning Mrs. James. Mama was asked to a tea at Mrs. Page's for Mrs. [Naismith?] of Toronto to day.



1 Moulton College was affiliated with McMaster University which was in Toronto at this time (1907). McMaster moved to Hamilton in 1931, largely through the efforts of Thomas Baker McQuesten, see W7085, W7095.

Some history on Baptist educational institutions: "The earliest Baptist church in the Dominion of Canada was organized at Horton, Nova Scotia, in 1763, by the Rev. Ebenezer Moulton of New England. This church, like many of the earlier ones, was composed of Baptists and Congregationalists. The influx of settlers from New England and Scotland and the work of zealous evangelists. . . .from 1795 to 1855, soon increased the number of Baptists in the country. The end of the eighteenth century was marked by a period of revivals. . . .Among the educational institutions of the Canadian Baptists may be mentioned Acadia College (founded 1838), Woodstock College (founded 1860), and McMaster University at Toronto (chartered 1887). Moulton College for women (opened 1888) is affiliated to the last mentioned institution."

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