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W5880 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Jun 14 1907
To: Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My dear old Cal,

Shure'n since you're away out in the West you'll have to have an extra letter. I'm sitting with my children in study and really it is just delicious to feel the soft sweet air blowing in. It is so new this warm weather and such a delightful change. I hope it's nice with you & that mosquitoes & black flies & deer flies etc. don't live out there, I fear me they do.

Our children are studying for exams which commence tomorrow. They are angelic just at this time. Their little wings are well nigh sprouted. However there are a few sprouts of color among them--three black sheep who even now are having the pleasure of an extra half hour with me. Their offence was mighty and grievous! Their little beds were dear unto them this morning and so they partook not of the morning walk, hence this half hour. But I'll stay for hours with young wretches if the air will but continue as it is and I can amuse myself writing letters. I'm afraid they caught me smiling my young sinners for they're all looking at me laughing. I must check such freedom!1

The only thing on hand is a new kind of cold which takes the form of swollen glands like mumps--mumps on the neck, jaw & cheeks we have a dozen blooming ones--in various stages--mostly better now.2 But there is the happy uncertainty that the mornings sun may light on your visage most very like unto his own. And I know however beaming you may look you don't feel beaming and therefore may I be spared and my brother, teachers, and as many of the girls as possible.

There is no special news--I'm making a desperate attempt to leave a few friends behind me by not forgetting to make up my calls. And I'm trying to catch up my letter writing etc. The warm weather cheers me up quickly. I wish you liked it as well.

With much love dear Cal.

Your loving sister,


1 Ruby is obviously very happy because she is leaving the school for good at the end of the June term, and does not plan to return. This is one of the last letters she wrote to Calvin from the school.

2 Although Ruby does not mention in this letter that she is ill, her mother's letter of August 3, 1907 from Oakville (W5932) states that Ruby came home with a bad cough: "Ruby was in Hamilton yesterday doing some shopping, she is beginning to be like herself, came home from Ottawa [in June] thoroughly worn out with a bad cough. Glad she is not returning." In W5865 Ruby suggests that she might go out West to do some teaching, possibly hoping to re-unite with David Ross. However, she soon falls ill and is sent to two sanatoriums and finally dies of tuberculosis in 1911. However, she worked just long enough to pay Tom's way through university to graduation. (See W6135 FN, for an account of Ruby's illness (tuberculosis) and her death in 1911). Also see her biography by clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then on her picture.

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