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W5904 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Jul 10 1907 Saturday afternoon
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, saskatchewan
From: Oakville, Ontario

[Dear Cal],

Just a line my dear old Cal to send to the prodigal in the West. The family are upstairs--Mama hasn't been very spry lately and doesn't get up usually till tea time. Edna is lying on the camp bed making comical remarks--her latest is to call Mama 'the household pet.' And Hilda is jollying Mama over a remark she made about her size. Tousie [Hilda] is getting good & plump--it's good to see her picking up after all the work of moving. And Mary is happy, I fancy, sleeping.

I can't say anything special has happened since writing last, Mr. Chrisholm came for tea last Saturday & seemed to enjoy himself. We had three ladies call us up on Wed., Mrs. & Miss Stuart--I think you know them--Miss Stuart is very nice--a Miss McGill, a plump lady who looked as if once seated she might prolong her call endlessly. However it wasn't much later than half past six when she left. The same afternoon the Colquhouns & Clarkes came down for a picnic & called here. Emily is looking well--no color but quite plump. It is really comical the 150 lb'ers Hilda & Nellie James were weighed one night & Nellie jumped on & tipped the scale at 150, then Hilda: she weighed exactly same. Now Emily Colquhoun, she weighs 150 too.

The gardener next door has been producing more substantial things than roses in the way of beets and carrots. He tried using beet tops as spinach but the scornful little Mither tilted her nose & said they tasted bitter.

I 'm gradually getting hold of the names of a few people & their relationship. I'm sure I have learned more already from the family than if I'd lived here myself a couple of years.

We were to go to a picnic here--at least we weren't going but Mama sort of felt we should to encourage the Minister & his wife but fortunately it rained.

Our friend Eleanor has departed so we live the quiet life.

I had a letter from Marion Robinson--she & Helen expect to go to Prince Edward Is. for their holiday. They expect Kath. home from the old country soon.

We were all sorry we couldn't have seen that bronchos pulled out by the tail. We'll have a pair of pictures--one of your broncho pulled out by the tail & the other of that cow long ago that ran away & was brought back by one & a small boy the latter holding the tail. We'll mark both rescued. Something this way. Yo Heave! Home sweet Home! [included are illustrations, brief pencil sketches of animals being pulled by the tail].

With much love,


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