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W5908 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 12 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: Oakville

My dearest Calvin,

This is the Glorious Twelvth [sic], but no sounds of revelry have yet reached our quiet corner. It is just a beautiful bright sunny day, after an all day's rain yesterday; which was unfortunate for Rachel Grogan's wedding; you will see a full account in the Globe. It was also the day of a picnic here given by the Young People's Society of our church, and to which we had been invited. But as we were required to pay 20 cts. car fare each and carry our own provisions, besides having no prospect of meeting any one of interest, we had not intended going.

Last Saturday came Mr. Chisholm, by so doing he missed a great storm in Hamilton, but was obliged to wait an hour for the Radial Car here, and again at Burlington, the service being quite disorganized.

We were all so thankful your little pony escaped with its life out of the hole, it might have broken its leg and just been ruined,--which would have been a real calamity, we just wish, we felt able to keep it and you could bring it home. It is very encouraging indeed to have such good attendance at your meeting and I am sure you will interest them, it makes such a difference when you feel well.

Mrs. Ross writes of her Western home in glowing colours, but I understand why, she enlarges on the beauty of David's homestead as well as her own. In the meantime they and their belongings are crowded into D's small house, theirs will not be built till next year. Poor David has to build it, it will be of logs plastered over. Of course I can understand Mrs. R's satisfaction in having a spot she can call her own and being with David, but when the winter comes it will not be so delightful. Eleanor [Ross] had received letter from Jean [Ross] telling of her trials, she had bought some hens and put 12 doz. eggs (Plymouth Rock) under them but they ate and broke the eggs and two chickens were the result. We have only had strawberries a few times twice very good, the growers ship them off, the season was late and am afraid will be short. Poor you would not have one. We had fresh beets yesterday for the first time, we miss our Hamilton market, very much. On Wednesday the Colquhouns and the Clarks came down for a pic-nic. Emily is home.

Mrs. Dr. Stuart and daughter and sister Miss Gibson came to see us, very hearty people. My stock of news is limited but I think Ruby may write too, she is the only one that does not make a burden of writing. With much love from all.

Your loving mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

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