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W5936 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 7 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern' [Likely an error, since Mary is still in Oakville]

My dearest Calvin,

Your interesting letter with its valuable enclosure reached me this morning and I felt it was altogether too much, you will surely be needing it yourself for books or clothes. I do not think I ought to take it. It was just like you, you are always so unselfish. But it is quite fine to be able to earn a few dollars in a pleasant way. Have you a form for the wedding ceremony. Mr. Ketchen has. Mrs. Fletcher will be quite interested to hear of Tillie's sister; it is rather pathetic I think the way the women in the west make the best of things and it is also amusing that in spite of their efforts to have a swell wedding the male portion falls down because of bashfulness. Do not rise to the occasion, it was too bad you hadn't an opportunity of showing your ability as an after dinner speaker.

I am writing under difficulties for Nellie James is here and every body is talking. She had been up at Goderich with a friend and is staying a few days with us for which we are very glad, she is so cheery.

You would be sorry to see Dr. MacLaren's death, I was sorry it happened when Knox College was closed, when he had been so long connected with it. He had been ill some time but it was uncertain when death would come, as it was his heart; so on the morning of his death, Jean & Hilda went down on the boat just for shopping, but they went up to the house and there they saw the crape on the door. It was a mercy for Mrs. Mac. was worn out, and as he had to be very often moved, his son or sons-in-law had always to be in the house. Annie Haigh was the nurse and they liked her so much. His heart was affected. You will see the great list of MacLarens at the funeral. Mr. Arthur Mowat of Edmonton was his son-in-law, understood he was not of much account when he married Miss MacLaren, he went West and perhaps may have done well, have never heard lately. She was one of the sweetest girls I ever met. We go back to our own church to-morrow, when we have a Mr. Stewart of Winnipeg, he preached last Sabbath, and there was a difference of opinion. Mrs. Thomson and Joe thought very highly of his sermon. Tom thought him a good man and H. thought him desperately slow. I was lazy and did not hear him. He is staying with Mrs. Thomson, is 34 years old and has three children.

In my last I mentioned an underground railway but we hear that nothing is to be done for a long time. I see Toronto is to have the viaduct. We are rejoicing over a fall in coal prices to $6.25 instead of 6.75 cash or 7.00 last year.

Mrs. Fletcher has Mrs. Henderson of Jamaica with her, both her daughters died, one was killed in earthquake [sic] and the other was much injured and finally died; she is quite broken down poor thing. Mr. Logie's little girl is recovering.

We are very [sic] having dry warm weather, but by dint of Tom's most faithful watering our grass is beautiful. Mrs. Thomson and Laura took me for a drive the other day but it was rather warm. Well, Cal dear, there does not seem to be any thing to tell. How did you manage to get to the Thomson-Duff wedding? Did you stay over-night? You could not go in one day? All join in best love and with many thanks and much love.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Saw Booker, he had charged $2.25 for altering frock coat, but took off the 25 cts. so your $5.00 cleared the bill.

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