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W5950 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 17 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Milden Saskatchewan
From: Oakville

My dearest Calvin,

To begin where I left off, when Tom came home last Saturday, we found he had not gone to our Muskoka as we thought on previous Saturday but had stayed in Toronto over Sabbath in order to catch 8 a.m. train Monday morning (Toronto Civic Holiday) for Sparrow Lake where he went to meet some lawyer. I was so disappointed for I had hoped he was getting a sight of Muskoka proper. Willie James found him at the station and rowed him to their house for lunch then he took a steamer over to the lawyers took tea there and was taken round in a motor launch but the train was late and did not get off till 10 o'clock and the road bed of C.N.R being new is rough, trains go slowly and did not reach Toronto till 2:30 a.m. At that time the fire at the Ferry Wharf was in progress, so he took a look at that. Of course he is still determined that he does not admire Muskoka scenery at all, too rocky, would not go there for anything, but likes to see a fertile prosperous country. He's a funny boy, but I am glad he has the end of the week, think he thoroughly enjoys it, though he never says much. It is certainly a great thing to have found steady employment so soon for there have been so many extras. $5.00 when sworn in when called, $2.50 for something else $10.00 to be made a notary public. Then we think he should give "Bob" Henderson a wedding present, and Grey would you believe it is going to be married. In fact I am clean distracted with approaching weddings. Emily McLaren Sept. 25th, Annie Fletcher about 19th and to cap the climax have just heard Harry Whittemore is to be married next month also and Heurner M's Oct. 19th. Just fancy, presents & clothes for all these! I was really almost prostrated but felt encouraged on hearing that from all accounts the Club would be in our house till nearly Christmas.

I told you about "Dan" Urquhart, well we noticed a party out on the brow Saturday Afternoon amongst them "Dan" and a lady came over. It was Miss Kirkwood then we began to won [sic] if she were the attraction to Oakville. Well, on Monday, Miss K. called and in a very few minutes "Dan" appeared, although he was going away to preach in Hamilton and not coming back; he excused himself on the score of the heat. We have since learned that they are engaged. He is really a very fortunate fellow, for she is much superior I think, and she has improved a great deal and is very nice looking, whilst he is a good tempered chap and kind-hearted, but common place. She is in mourning for her mother (her father died years ago) and has been teaching for years, at present in Guelph.

Had a letter from Mrs. Leitch who says they never had such poor pulpit supplies a man called Amos besides Dan, but Mattie Davidson said Ian preached the last 8 very good sermons. On Tuesday Mrs. Thomson, Mr. & Mrs. Joe [Thomson] came and we had a lovely tea on the verandah. Joe was particularly stupid Wednesday. Little Mary Taylor arrived to cheer us up and yesterday Mrs. Mullin and Nellie. Nellie looks remarkably well fat and jolly, she is really most attractive. On Monday Edna went off to Sparrow Lake and I posted you some Westnminsters hoping they would catch your mail. You need not bring them, Tom brought me up some magazines, will post those interesting. Glad to receive your letter of the 7th. With much love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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