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W5964 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 31 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten [Glenhurst, Saskatchewan]
From: Oakville

My dearest Calvin,

Your fine long letter was very welcome yesterday. Dear! dear! what a strenuous life you were living. I sympathized with you in the loss of the horse, it would be a great anxiety. It would seem to me, that if the superintendent means his visit to be of any use, he would make a programme, send it to various points ahead and stick by it, it is no use arriving two days before time and expecting to find people at home.

Every where we went in the West we heard of the badly planned tour of R.P. Mackay1 and the little good done when he did arrive and all spoke of the difference between him and Miss Craig. Probably it has been the same sort of work, in most places and what sort of results can you expect from such visitations. Unless one can take time to do work properly it is waste of time. Well, I will waste no more on the subject.

Edna returned on Wednesday from Sparrow Lake, she seemed to enjoy it immensely, it is such a treat for her to be with Nellie J. and Winnie G. and she enjoys out-door sport. Here it is so deplorably dull, we have found no young people, all the people seem occupied with themselves and there has been no boating or any kind of amusement. We had thought of a boat, but they are so expensive and Ruby who used to have some spirit, came home with hardly energy left in her. She is beginning now to pick up. And somehow when the work of the house is done, the girls seemed to prefer reposing in the Hammock to rowing a boat. However we are going to try and have a boat perhaps when Tom comes on Monday Labour Day and see how it goes. We do not want to waste our summer either. But do not say anything about it, as the family always hears your letters and after all, for if we had a boat Edna would be sure to be too tired. It is all so different when people are out for a holiday with other people.

I have made the experiment of renting a house for the season, it has its advantages, but each one needs to get entirely away from the family for awhile. Hilda and Ruby went up to Hamilton to see the Maclarens for Monday & Tuesday. Emily is to be married on 25th. Whilst there they got our present for Ann Fletcher, we sent a chaffing dish which I thought would be useful for young housekeepers.

Dear me! what an experience you had, you must have had very little sleep those nights; hot weather too, and never to get any fresh meat; and I am afraid you will have no time to get fed up with us. Only a short time now, to-morrow is first of September. Anne Fletcher's wedding is on the 16th, all of us could not go, it would be too many, and we want Edna to go, she has been to so little, so Tom, Hilda, Ruby & she are going.

Well, I trust you were really none the worse of that great chilling you got that week Sabbath before you wrote, you ministers are in a difficult position, you are expected to keep your appointments, though the weather is such, no one can come out to hear you.

Wasn't that a terrible disaster of the Quebec Bridge, it seems sometimes as if men attempted too much.

Mary is going to Toronto on Tuesday, Mary Taylor and she are going to do the Fair. Hope weather will be fine, I have just been writing John McQuesten after sending him a photo of Tom, he once asked for one. Tom had thought of going there when "through," but now says he has had to spend his money on Wedding presents and clothes. He is sending a present to "Bob" Henderson, I thought he ought to, for he has certainly been a good friend. Greig is getting married too. Well, Cal, dear, I must close with much love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 For R.P. MacKay, see W6336.

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