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W5970 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 6 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Milden Saskatchewan
From: Oakville

My dearest Calvin,

This has been quite a lively week for the family, Monday was Labour Day and Tom was home, some of them went in bathing, but the water has been fearfully cold all summer. Afterwards Tom took Edna and me for a row up the river, part of the way one could imagine oneself in Muskoka.

Mrs. Mullin came for tea, she and Nellie have been hard at work moving. Mrs. M. has taken rooms with Miss Walton, if she could have found a house Nellie would have stayed with her mother, but after the wedding she will go back and nurse for awhile any way. Tuesday Mary took Edna down to Dr. Capon, she was worrying about a tooth, but Dr. C. said it was alright for the present so she came home again. Mary stayed with Mary Taylor till yesterday and went to the Exhibition. On Wednesday Edna again started off with M. to Hamilton to buy a hat for E. to go to Annie F's wedding but my lady would have none of them, so we are to fix up one of H's for the occasion. They spent the day with Mattie Davidson. On Tuesday afternoon just as H & E were preparing to go to Mrs. Thomson's at Burlington for tea, Mr. Rose of Ottawa and a Chinaman appeared, so H. had to go alone, for it was the day M & E were in Toronto, it was quite unfortunate, we had been trying so long to get to Mrs. Thomson's, Joe told H. that they are getting on so slowly at Hamilton Club they do not know when it will be ready, and we are in a quandary how long to take this house; as people are inquiring about it for the winter.

Mrs. James wrote me, as Willie was not settled could we find a furnished house for them. There are very few furnished houses here fit for living in winter. Lucy Turner is to be married the same week the 18th as Anne F. to Harry Burbridge of Winnipeg and Harry Whittemore also the 19th. Harry's is an evening house wedding and it is a great nuisance, the girls do not like it at all. H. & E. had thought of going.

Tom has some idea of going with Kerr (perhaps you know him) of Toronto Univ. for a holiday up on the shores of Lake Superior, his expenses would be paid, and he would see the country.

We have been having some showers lately but the drought has been very serious, no water for cattle, cows drying up and fruit withering. Fancy tomatoes that we have paid 20 to 25cts. a bushel bring 90 cts. Did I tell you of Herbie Bell's illness in Antwerp? Congestion of the lungs. A card to-day dated Aug. 24th says that he has been wheeled that day on to the elevator to be a few minutes in the sun of the court yard, he has been over five weeks there. Isn't it a great trial for them both? We have much reason to be thankful indeed for our healths. I was glad to know you enjoyed your exchange with the other minister and the trip also. The time is getting short now isn't it? Did you tell Miss Oates to keep a room for you? Mrs. James wished to know if you would like a parcel of papers such as Life of Faith and The Christian sent out to you for you to distribute. Be sure and answer me. Must close with much love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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