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W6067 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 31 1908
To: Calvin McQuesten [Glenhurst, Saskatchewan]
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

I was pleased indeed to receive your letters from North Bay and Fort William and glad to know that so far you were alright. I am wondering if by to-night you have reached Saskatoon and are on your way to Glenhurst.

Mrs. Mullin was in to-day getting your address, she regretted not having bid you good-bye, so is going to write you some day. We are just going on in the same way. I sometimes think I do not realize how well-off I am for I get so restless and tired of myself that I do not know what to do. It does not suit me to be quiet and does not agree with me to do anything. The weather has been mild but murky and I will be better when it is fine enough to do something with the garden even though it is a trouble. I hope you will be able to get just the right sort of horse, it certainly is just the right sort of life for you in the summer instead of being enerved [sic] up in the city.

It was just too bad that you should have that too trying exam at the last. But I scarcely think Dr. McN. or Prof. McF. would pluck you on a first year exam; I hope the Prof. realized that he had not given time to that part of the grammar. I never asked you, if there was any place one could send you a telegram. I suppose Saskatoon is the nearest office and there it (might [crossed out]) would need a special messenger to drive to Glenhurst.

Today an agent called with an invention to light the gas without a match, what next? You simply turn on the gas and apply this thing, which is like a wire twisted like a corkscrew on a handle, the wire is platinum and when the gas rushes out of [?] it lights. We thought it would be particularly handy for the oven lights they are so high for us to reach and would save us matches, the only thing it seems as if it can scarcely last and we wonder if there is any trick about it. We went down to Wright's to see that stove as the time appointed, he was not there and had not got the stove out for us to see, so we did not go back.

Today Edna and I took the cars up to Dundurn to see Duncan (I am looking for a gardener). D. lives in the castle now and Mrs. D. showed us round through their rooms. Very comfortless bare looking place. As we went up we passed the funeral of Mr. Wallace, he died of consumption as did Miss Gillespie. I am sending you a cutting from to-night's Times! He was a brother of Sophie Wallace.

I cannot understand why you should have had such a lot of stuff to pack as you mention. Tom remarked in his letter since he is "afraid you will have to build another building for your household effects." You can sell perhaps at a profit. Did you see in the paper about old Mr. Bone's son being left a large legacy by his employer. He was a druggist in N.Y. The father often told me how well he had done. Well, his employer was an old man and was so pleased with Bone's faithfulness and another [illegible] that he left Bone $150,000, and the other $50,000. Besides, they get the business worth $84,000 after the widow dies. In the meantime it is to be run for her benefit. I remember Mr. Bone told me the son was at the head of his class in pharmacy at Toronto Univ. and the druggist in Brooklyn heard of him through seeing his name on this list.

I thought a letter might come from Winnipeg so did not close till this evening (Wednesday) but it is so late when postman comes I couldn't wait, as it will seem long before this reaches you if I do not catch mail. Have been busy in front garden. With much love.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

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