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W6084 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Edna
Apr 18 1908
To: Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

[Dear Calvin],1

Tom and Gormley [likely, Gourlay Colquhoun] spent yesterday (Good Friday) putting down a boardwalk to the gate.

We had a visit from Annie Woods. She looks quite a different girl from what she used to. She got a great deal of [?] at Dr. Kelly's Sanatorium here! 2

The James's are not going up to Sparrow Lake till the end of June. Willie has a position as traveller for Chapman in Toronto and likes it very much. he gets home for the weekend or sometimes once in two weeks.

We are expecting Sidney Little for over Sunday. Marion Robinson coming for a day next week. She is to be in Toronto and Montreal as she has ten days vacation.

I've been trying my hand at gardening but got very stiff; I finished my dress last week.

Hilda got a very pretty postcard from Emily C. of Yonkers. It looks like a lovely hospital. She is coming home next month.

Winnie [Gartshore] has her engagement ring, an emerald with a diamond on each side. Nellie says she keeps her awake till twelve o'clock telling her what a dear boy Herbert is. Which is very doubtful. The Gartshores had a time with a servant who had the DT's.3 They still have Vera Redding who is a semi invalid and has her breakfast in bed. The doctor declares there is nothing wrong with her. Miss Burton still has her breakfast in bed. So the old servant made the third. However she has left and they are without any at present.

Bessie Proudfoot and her husband are to live at Haileybury for a year. So she wont [sic] have much use for her fine clothes.

Our violets and hepaticas are in flower but we still need more rain before they will amount to anything, today's rain will do them good.

Walter James is at a place called Crediton and is manager now.

Mrs. Murray sent Nellie a poem for Easter.

We are hoping it wont [sic] rain to-morrow for the Easter hats. I saw a man in the market to day, a'rubbing the tip of his nose and complaining of the "merry widow" hats.

Nellie James was telling of a tramp who used to sleep in the maid's sitting room at the college till the janitor found him out. Nellie wants me to go back with her and stay with the family for a while. I think it would be quite nice. She says there would be plenty of room now Willie is away.

Have you planted your seeds yet?

Your loving sister,


1 Enclosed in this letter is Ruby's letter to Calvin with Birthday Greetings, see W6090.

2 We have been unable to trace Dr. Kelley's Sanatorium.

3 "DT's" is delerium tremens, an mental affliction or madness caused by severe alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal delirium; an alcoholic madness brought on by either too much alcohol, or too sudden withdrawal of same. It is often characterized as the "Pink Elephant" syndrome or other hallucinations, and imagining frightening images and scenes.

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