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W6103 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 27 1908 [approximate date]
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin

Received yours of the 19th today at noon, so am replying at once so that it will be sure to reach you by Wednesday mail. I went down to Dennis Moore's this afternoon and enclose you a picture of the one advised by them. The man there thought this the best for your purpose and price would be $10.00. Of course he would not advise a second hand one as it might go to pieces when you get it out there. Said it was far cheaper to send from here than buy there. Will look elsewhere to-morrow morning.

Well, I am glad to know that you have got such a lovely horse in every respect, it will be such a help. It is a beautiful name, Mr. Thomson has just been in and was interested to hear of all your doings. Yesterday we had "Jock" Inkster, he is very certainly a strong preacher, the morning sermon was on election, but he lacks all tenderness and to me was repulsive in appearance, it was a very warm morning and of course it made him look greasy, poor fellow. In the Evening did not hear him, some I believe thought him magnificent but Ruby thought it an ordinary sermon not nearly as good as we had heard by others on that text God calling Abram to come out of his native land. The Thomsons were greatly impressed with him, but I just feel, that time will tell.

Edna, with her usual acuteness, thinks if he is truly repentant he would show humility, whereas he speaks with great assurance and much egoism. To-day I happened to meet the sister of Mrs. Sanders' old servant and heard the astounding news, that Brownlow is married, I was thunderstruck. It seems that the family with whom he lived back on the mountain consisted of a Mr. McGill and his sister, the latter an old maid with one eye or rather sight in one and B. only sees with one. He never told anyone, but the two came into the city and were married by Mr. Morton. They seem quite happy, and if it continues, it is a mercy for Brownlow to have somebody to care for him. Mr. Wardrope is to run for West Hamilton, but Mr. C. does not think he has any chance against Jack Hendrie.

I was sorry I forgot to put in the envelopes but will put them in again. I sent the Presbyterians on to Tom, with instructions to send them, but am much afraid he will take a long time. The garden is looking lovely quite a number of daffodils and the violets all over. Nellie James and Winnie G. [Gartshore] went off on Saturday. Think I mentioned Marion Robinson was here, she stayed from Tuesday till Thursday, one of the nicest girls I have met for a long time, more interesting to me than Helen.

We have been reading "The Weavers" and I like it very much, particularly because of the good religious tone that is in it, it is very superior in that respect to the majority of novels.

By the way we always prefer our egg-cup for a mustard pot when by ourselves as mustard is so much better freshly made. Tuesday Barron Stewarts have a stove large 23x26 top no. 9 Economy jewel, takes a 21in. stick, 4 holes, with oven weighing 170 lbs, so you will see is a shade larger price also $10.00. Will look elsewhere. With much love.

Your Mother

M.B. McQuesten

[Newspaper ads for stoves (W6108,W6109) enclosed in W6103]

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