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W6129 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister (Margaret) Edna
May 18 1908
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten [Glenhurst, Saskatchewan]
From: Toronto, Ontario

Dear Cal,

I arrived here on Wednesday and have been intending writing you ever since. I stayed with the James' for about ten days and succeeded in getting out to see the Gartshores and Whittemores. The Gartshores' place looked lovely. They had such quantities of English violets,they seemed deeper blue than ours. There were masses of periwinkles over by the old house.

Boysie had bought a pet lamb which gamboled up onto the verandah and played with the puppies.

Vera Redding was away and they were feeling relieved. Miss Leslie and a missionary were there besides Miss Burton and so altogether they have a house full. They are expecting two antiquated servants who were half starved during the winter and so felt pleased at the idea of plenty to eat. Their last girl was elderly but had the DT's so badly they had to dismiss her.

Mrs. G and Mr. were away and Winnie and Boysie had a wild time with her. Mrs. Whittemore is going to visit Harry and Florrie in Calgary in June. They have not yet got all their belongings. Harry's books have not yet arrived and several other cases. It was six months before Florrie's linen arrived and she had to receive without all her handsome things.

Reggie was in yesterday. He had been out at Waterdown seeing about a horse. He is going to go riding in the evenings. He is certainly very comical. He sends advertisements for Salada Tea to 500 newspapers.

I was at the MacKays for lunch one day and found Drummond quite jolly as he had been tipping the can in honour of being usher at a wedding. He had such a simple grin on his face he really looked absurd. Maggie was amazed at him because he spent 30$ on a silver soup tureen for the wedding present. It was a Miss Smith a sister of the one he is engaged to. Mr. MacKay at Maggie's suggestion is going to put a memorial window to Mrs. MacKay in Knox church. Willie gave me selections on his gramophone one being an imitation of a tipsy man which Drummond thought especially fine. On our way home we were at the warehouse and Gordon asked me if I had seen his friend Happy Hooligan referring to Mr. Finlayson.

I was at Moulton College for tea twice. The first evening Mrs. Maxwell of St. Mary's and her sister Miss McMullin were having tea with Miss Thrall. They were [?] for the W.F.M.S. and had been hearing Caruso and were delighted with him.

Nellie James is going for a trip with May Matthews on to the seaside, White Mountain, Portland and several other places the 13th of June.

Must close as it is time to go to bed.

Your loving sister


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