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W6169 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jun 25 1908
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario

My dearest Calvin,

Ruby and Hilda have just returned from Toronto. Tom was determined to have other medical advice than Dr. Arnott. So we decided she should go to Dr. John Caven (Dr. W.P. Caven has gone back to the old country) so Tom took her up and saw him. So after questioning and examining he said her lungs were alright but he would like her to go and see Dr. McDunnough and have her throat examined. So it was most satisfactory. Dr. McD. said it was just a muscular affection of the throat brought on by teaching, using her voice when she was tired. Dr. Caven says that Dr. McD. is one of the very rare men who knows the throat so it was worth a great deal to go and hear from him that there was not a thing the matter, no bronchitis at all, but just run down a little and she needed a good change. So you may just imagine how happy we all are to-night. I had got so nervous about her lungs, but both the doctors said there was not a single symptom. You see Dr. Arnott said it was difficult to tell as the trouble was in bronchial tube but Dr. McD. knew exactly what it was, as I have explained. They were just delighted with Dr. Caven, he knew your father well at College and was so very thorough and gave her so much good advice.

So she starts off to Calgary next week on Thursday as they could not get berths on the steamer for Tuesday. I am sorry for it as this disarranges our plans as she will now reach Winnipeg on Sunday morning and we had been planning to ask Mrs. Fletcher to meet her there and they could see a little of the city. Really we cannot get over the tremendous relief to our minds that Ruby has not even bronchitis. Dr. Arnott gave us such a fright.1

Now I must close, as it is bed-time if you have not got the stove by this time, it must be at Saskatoon. With much love from all.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Mary's relief is premature--Ruby did not have bronchitis--it was Tuberculosis, which was not diagnosed correctly until sometime later. However, although Ruby is not 'bronchial,' she is still going to Calgary for the fresh-air-and-rest cure that had been prescribed for her when it was thought she had bronchitis. It is difficult to tell from this letter if Ruby is going to Calgary for a "second opinion," for a rest cure, or just for a vacation--or all three. In any case she travels to Calgary, Banff, etc., and stays in Calgary for nine months to be treated. Then she is sent to Muskoka for treatment for the "Con" (Consumption, Tuberculosis) and then to a cottage on the Hamilton Mountain where she dies in April 1911 of Tuberculosis. For more on Ruby, see her Bio. by clicking on her photo on the "Search" page.

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