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W6180 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Edna McQuesten
Jul 6 1908
To: Rev. calvin McQuesgten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Calvin,

We were much pleased to hear of your good fortune. You will have quite a time feeding the men when they come to work. I hope your barrel of preserves will have reached you by then.

When I was at the James' I got the snap-shot at Sparrow Lake that I was in. It was not very beautiful. The week before last I was at the Collegiate for two days and a half monitoring at the Entrance exams. I have to go to the treasurer of the school board for my pay at the City Hall. The first night my feet ached like everything but I wore boots after that and my feet were all right.1 A week ago Sunday I went down to the Aged Women's Home with Miss Henderson. There was one old woman 108 years old. She said when she left England "King William" was on the throne. She was at a garden party at Balmoral Castle given for the school children. When she came to Hamilton there were only two churches: an English church where the cathedral is now and a R.C. Her husband was killed in a railway accident. Her father was a farmer in England and she and her mother used to work in the fields for another farmer after the father died. Then there was a Mrs. Thornton whose daughter was drowned years ago at the Beach. We are having very warm weather.

If it gets cooler Mama and I are going to Oakville some afternoon this week. Tom has given me a quarter to treat her to ice-cream.

On Thursday Miss Henderson and I are going to the House of Refuge. Old Mrs. Thornton came to see me the day after I went to the Home. She hit away at the door with her stick and then opened it and came in. She is a great gossip.

Mr. Murray has gone to Pt. Carling for a few weeks. Dr. Fletcher is home from Winnipeg and had a fine time.

Our roses were lovely this year but are nearly over. I took some down to the old women and they were much pleased.

On Thursday Hilda and I were at Mattie Davidson's for tea with Mrs. Ketchen and the baby. The baby is a smart little youngster and seemed to enjoy herself very much. On Friday we had them to tea on the verandah.

They left to-day with Mrs. McMahon and Miss McMahon for the seaside near Boston. Ernest Bruce was over the other night. Stuart and his Uncle John have gone to the Old Country. Ernie said he hoped Stuart wouldn't start and argue the first thing. He said he was very fond of standing on the street corners and arguing. I got a card from Nellie James from Portland. May Matthewson is taking her to the White Mts., the sea, and various places.

Jean Mclaren is in for tea. She is going out to Denver to see Emily this week. I expect to go to Sparrow Lake for a while.

Your loving sister,

1 Edna is obviously feeling better now, she has recoverd from her nervous breakdowns, and is doing volunteer work.

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