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W6200 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother Thomas Baker McQuesten
Jul 15 1908
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: 58 Canada Life Bldg., Toronto, Ontario

My dear Cal,

Thank you for your letter which arrived the day after the first of July. You were the only one away this time. Was very glad to hear that your congregation were [able?] to do the right thing. I hope by this time they will have because if they once get to the harness I would be afraid that the season might be too far advanced.1

Am glad that your place is in such a nice situation and that you do not appear to feel any hardships. I am sure that it is great for the health provided you get decent nourishment. Don't get your own meal too much. It spoils your appetite.

We have had so far an exceptionally hot season. The Mater is standing it well and she appears to have almost recovered her former vigour. She is certainly better than she has been since she became ill, which is a great measure of relief.2 Edna also is exceptionally the mater says better than she has ever known her.3 So we are on the high road to prosperity.4

I am enclosing to you a letter I received today from home with the injunction to send it on. 5

Let me hear from you soon again.

Your affectionate br. [brother]

T. B. McQuesten

1 Tom is likely referring to Calvin's homestead on which he has built a shack. He has been clearing and farming with the help of other farmers in the region, likely members of his congregation. See W8239, W-MCP6-1.408, W-MCP6-1.410. Also see Calvin's Bio. by clicking on his photo on the "Search" page.

2 Mary Baker McQuesten does occcasionally suffer a nervous exhaustion or nervous heart.

3 Edna suffers from a nervous disease and has had several breakdowns, see W2511, W5382, W5426, W5487, W5430, W5297, and see her biographical sketch by clicking on her photo on the "Search" page.

4 Tom is likely referring to the improved health of family members, and to the financial improvement in the family; he has been working as a lawyer in Toronto and earning $1000 per year, the first since he graduated in 1907, and the first financial relief the family has enjoyed for 20 years, since the sudden death of their father Isaac in 1888.

5 This injunction to send on Ruby's letter is a good indication of the method of transmission of all family correspondence. Ruby's letter W6203, was written from Calgary to their mother with the injunction to send it on to Tom and now in turn to Calvin. It then made its way back home to Whitehern and into the archives. They obviously felt that their correspondence was important.

Ruby is in Calgary being gtreated for Chronic Bronchitis which turned out to be tuberculosis. After Calgary, she went into the sanatorium at Gravenhurstfor treatment. For Ruby's illness, treatment and death, see W6135.

It is curious in this letter that Tom does not mention Ruby's health even though he is optimistic about the health of other members of the family. Perhaps he does not want to admit to Calvin that she is ill.

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