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W6211 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Ruby McQuesten
Jul 16 1908 [Thursday]
To: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 1510 Fourth St. Calgara, Alberta

My dearest Mother,

These last few days have gone more quickly than last week though there has been nothing especially eventful. Last Sat. night I was at the Mewburn's & went for a walk with May. Then on Sunday morning Mrs. Whittemore and I went to the First Baptist Church and heard a big darky sing. The minister Mr. Patterson is said to be very good but I never seemed to find the point. Then Florrie asked me to tea & asked a gentleman, I forget his name, and in the evening as Mrs. Whittemore and Harry weren't well & the man was too lazy. Florrie & I went off to a church in the country and heard a very nice service. Florrie admired my white muslin & big hat very much & in the evening I took my little new coat. The evenings are cool here and it will be very useful for nice occasions. The sunset was beautiful over the hills as we came home.1 Then on Monday night one of the girls of the Y.W. took me to see Miss Grantham. Miss Grantham didn't know whom to expect as the girl had given my name as Miss "Sequestered" (quite a modest name isn't it?) Miss Grantham is homesick. I'm sure by the delighted way in which she met me and enquired after everyone in Hamilton. However she is starting on her own account in two new schemes which will keep her busy all summer. She really is most enterprising, only she doesn't look at all well. She also lives very near me. Isn't it strange, the only people I know are within such close reach.

Then Tuesday night I went for a walk with Mrs. Whittemore & Florrie and last night again I was at the Mewburns. Her fiance had arrived from Lethbridge, so I saw him at last. He seems a nice fellow and I think would improve on acquaintance.

Our meals at the Y.W. C.A. are as good as before. Now that strawberries are over the last two nights we have had these big sweet plums, fresh and cut up and sprinkled with sugar before tea which made a sauce & made them so tender they seemed like stewed plums. They were delicious & we were curious to know how they had been done. Really I don't know when I have had meals so entirely good as they are at the Y. I might go to places where they had course meals & yet not like anything in the whole course and I like everything here,--such delicious home-made cake, I never had better except perhaps our best at home, & always something hot for tea as well as fruit and to-day jelly & custard for desert & yesterday a nice steamed pudding with fruit & the meat so good & nice gravy & vegetables. Harry Whittemore had tried every boarding place in Calgary and was nearly starved so I'm sure I couldn't do any better.

Last night we had a light thunder storm & the electric light at our corner went off with a bang like the one at home. However having had experience before it didn't startle me so much and this morning I slept till twenty minutes to nine, so as I had missed my breakfast & it was a dull morning I stayed in bed till dinner time & then made an extra big meal.

Baby Pavey is teething & howls a lot at present. However she is very good on the whole & sleeps all night. Well my dear there doesn't seem anything special this time.

I've been taking it easy & lying in the hammock & reading and doing a little fancy work. I feel better already & after another week I think I'll get weighed.

I wish you had our cool weather & such cool nights. That fearfully hot weather is not good for you. I wish you were here all of you. I had meant to write separately to Tom but somehow time passes on so & perhaps he comes home every Sat. If not you might send on my letters.

With much love and love to all,

Your affec'ate child


1 Ruby had traveled to Calgary with Mrs. Whittemore whose daughter Florrie (and possibly Harry) are also there for a rest cure. It is likely that the Mewburns and Miss Grantham are there for the same reason.

2 Ruby has a room with Mrs. Pavey and her family, and is boarding at the YWCA.

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