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W6223 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 21 1908
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Calvin

This is an exceedingly oppressive morning, it rained all last night and this morning, every thing is soaking, as it rained heavily all Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We were rejoiced to see it, for each member of the family had been in turns worn out keeping the sprinkler moved to save the grass, the great heat having been very scorching. But all last week it was cool. I was much pleased to hear from your letter yesterday that the preserves were in sight. I was afraid you were not going to have them till it was nearly time for you to come home. It was too bad to take that long hot drive for nothing, only the taste of strawberries. I suppose the missionaries do not like using up themselves and their horses and perhaps many had been going to Winnipeg this year.

I had a letter from Ruby two or three days after reaching Calgary. I sent it to Tom to send on to you, but he said he wrote you and forgot to enclose it, & I forgot to get from him when he was up. It was just a short one telling that she had a nice large room most comfortably furnished at a Mrs. Pavey's, 1510 W. 4th St. just round the corner from the Whittemore's at $12 a month, and gets her meals at Y.W.C.A. at $4 a week. She also said the Mewburns were four short blocks from her, were delighted to see her! Mr. Mewburn said all the fellows round there who had known, thought a great deal of you and that you were a real plucky fellow. May's engagement is on again the young man had just been there and went on to Lethbridge, where he took appendicitis and was operated on by May's uncle.

Just now has come another letter from Ruby. Nothing especial, which she wishes sent to Tom as she has not written him. Dr. McDougal had returned, she thought him quite nice. She was delighted with her board at Y.W.C.A. Harry had tried all the boarding houses in town and been starved. It is so fortunate it is so good at the Y. She never got better any place. She "feels better already." She had accompanied Mrs. W. to the Baptist church but was not taken with the minister. In the evening Flossie and she went to a church in the country. Tom indeed is a good fellow, his only extravagance is coming home every Saturday, and I think he earns that pleasure and it is good for him to be at home on Sunday. I got Mary a set of the Tercentenary stamps, the designs are pretty, but engraving poor.

Mrs. Colin Fletcher called yesterday. Colin's wound is healing well now but Mrs. C. does not know when he can stand, to preach, and unless the congregation offers to pay supply does not know scarcely what they are to do. He will be 6 months at least out of his pulpit. She told me too that Katie Irving is a very delicate girl, she suffers with her throat and ears, sometimes deaf. It seems as if the least deserving in the whole connection A.F. [Annie Fletcher] is the one who has got always every thing she wanted. She brought her mother down in her carriage that Sabbath morning to Winnipeg station, leaving Mrs. F.[Fletcher] whilst she drove off to meet Percy. I suppose they were just going driving though it was the Sabbath.

Mrs. Thomson and Mrs. Joe called yesterday. Mrs. T. is going to Burlington. Mrs. Mullin and Helen came for tea, which we had on the verandah. Mrs. M. goes off to the White Mountains next week. Well I must close. Hilda is anxious to know if the preserves etc. reach safely with nothing broken. Did you see in one of last week's Globes the death of Mr. Grace (Bessie Ross's husband)? He died July 3rd at his brother's home Tumbridge Wells, Eng. It seems such a terrible loss for them all. I wrote Mrs. Ross at once. With much love from all.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

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