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W6236 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 24 1908
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario

My dearest Cal

This is Monday morning and I will start my letters to you and R.[Ruby] She is having a fine time or rather has had. A short letter Saturday told she was starting for Laggan and on way back stay over at Banff. I must say, that I rather begrudged a $100 trip only to see Calgary, but am quite satisfied when it covered a trip to the Rockies. I do hope they will take time to see all they can.1 Wouldn't it be lovely to spend a summer there? I suppose your have not failed to read all about the Quebec celebration. Did you read Adelaid Turgeon's grain ration! Really that Apostrophe to our land was unique. Then, in to-day's Globe the speeches at Earl Grey's dinner to Colonials are very fine, Laurier of course, Earl Dudley's so earnest, and "Sir James" quite outdid himself. Could scarcely have been better. I was so glad too to see how well the Prince of Wales did he seems to have been just delightful and his speech was excellent too. I really have read the papers and imagined the scenes till my head went round.

Colin Fletcher is getting on fast, walked to the Central Church yesterday and to the Cottage for dinner. Am going down to Burlington this afternoon to Mrs. Thomson's We are thankful to have had very pleasant days and cool nights for the last two weeks, but it is hot to-day, I am sure you must have suffered often from the heat.

Tom went off this morning, he really is a good fellow, before going asked me when Ruby would need more money. I said on the first, said he would give me $30.,2 He has also found your photo films. Good luck! I am quite anxious to hear if these men have started at your land and he wants to know as to safety of preserve bottles.

Next week we hope to get a sight of Lord Roberts, Col. Hendrie is to motor him from here to Beamsville, Grimsby on to Niagara. It will be a fine trip for him but too soon for the peaches. Such a pity!

Our soldiers came home yesterday, bands playing Home Sweet Home. Did you see that 13th under Capt. Zimmerman, was guard of honour at the Citadel when Prince arrived. Just to think what we have all missed! It is said [cross-out] paid $60 a day Chateau Frontenac and the Vanderbilts paid $1000 for a suite of rooms, as Mr. C. said prohibitive prices. Think I will not wait till to-morrow to post this, your letter generally comes to-day but has not. With much love from all.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Ruby is traveling with Mrs. Whittemore to Calgary and taking some vacation trips on the side. She has been sent to Calgary for a rest-cure for two or three months (W6161 June 19, 1908), and she feels very well for a time but tells Calvin that he must NOT tell their mother that she must take her temperature regularly and that she is being treated for the "Con" Consumption (Tuberculosis).

Mary begrudged the money $100 to send R. to Calgary but is satisfied now that she will see the Rockies as well, the family is still very poor in spite of Tom's law salary of $1000 per year, and Mary now has to pay for Ruby's trip and treatment. For more on Ruby's health and Tuberculosis, see W6135 and see her biographical sketch bhy clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then on her picture.

2 Tom is able now to contribute to Ruby's treatment. He likely feels somewhat responsible for Ruby's illness since she had sacrificed her salary and her health in teaching longer than she should have, and had sent most of her salary home for Tom's education in law.

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