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[Note at top] Such a disappointment that Lord Roberts couldn't come. [?] too much now it is cool.

W6240 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 3 1908 Civic Holiday
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin

I have had my breakfast and am writing you, the two juniors of course have only just got up. Edna is keeping up wonderfully well not withstanding the heat and is very active and helpful, has taken to going once a week to visit the old people at the House of Refuge, taking flowers from Mrs. Thomson's and our gardens and any papers she can get and books and reads to them; she seems to have a gift for their sort of words and has a very sweet sympathetic manner which is really genuine. I hope she will soon get the message to go up to Sparrow Lake, as she has been invited. Tom looks very well, too, he always seems better after he gets to the Fraternity House, though he said, he did not sleep for three nights last week with heat and mosquitos, very bad in Toronto this year, none here at all worth mentioning.

I myself am really much better, sleep well and getting fatter all the time, though somewhat disturbed sometimes as to my finances when I think of finding over $300 for taxes and $124 for coal $7.00 a ton for furnace and $6.75 for kitchen. But we are all so well in health and have had such extra heavy demands this year, that I do not feel like worrying, and will just manage it somehow. Cannot be too thankful that we are in a position to meet it at all and you so able and willing. I was very glad indeed to hear you had been getting so much done, although not so much as you expected, perhaps someone else will give you another day. If you had got the little barrel, it would have helped you feed them, it is too bad you were so long without the preserves. The school-teacher must be "a very decent chap" as you would say. I have got the class list from Varsity, but am keeping it for fear it might go astray on the way. Colin Fletcher walked down to St. Paul's Church yesterday. Mr. Jordan of Queen's preached and he was much liked. Next Sabbath services will be in our church. Did I tell you that poor Murray our caretaker got a holiday for the first time in years. Cannot tell how many and some of the gentlemen made up a purse for him and Mrs. M. to take a trip. They were just "tickled to death". They are busy now getting the new carpet down in the church.

The postman has just come and Tom tore to the door, as if he expected a love letter, and there was your letter to Hilda, that was really a fine letter and most appreciated, a first class letter of thanks. We did not rob ourselves at all, would have sent more strawberries as they are favourites of yours, but hadn't them. Now we have quantities they were particularly fine and sweet this year and so have been the raspberries. I do feel more than sorry for you not having fresh fruit, I could not eat at all on hot days if it were not for the berries. No, they were not Edna's damsons. I am so glad the stove reached without damage. I am a little afraid it is large for your shack. Do hope your well will bring good water, it will be such a comfort. The trouble is in sending so far, that so much space is taken up with the packing to keep things safe. R.'s letter will speak for itself. She was fortunate in having Mrs. W. [Wittemore] to chaperon her. Glad she took the poney [sic], one does not often get the chance of mountaineering.

Were not the speeches at banquet to Colonials at Quebec fine? So wonderful the way S. Africa has come in! Surprised at Whitney! quite good! How are the services getting on? Hope they are keeping up. People will be busy with harvest soon. With much love from all.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

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