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W6246 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister (Margaret) Edna McQuesten
Aug 15 1908
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Robins' Nest, Sparrow Lake, Ontario

My dear Cal,

Mamma has awakened with a start to the fact that she has not written you, on perceiving me writing an epistle to you. I told her it was owing to her pockets being stuffed with tracts which she declared was not true.

For two nights we were disturbed by what we thought was one cat altho' Mary decided there were two. And the James's made frantic suggestions of musk-rats, wild cats etc. and made touching references to the wolves back of Stantons. However we saw a snow white cat run to and fro past the door. About noon the next day a girl from Butler's on the next island came over and said she had been looking all morning for her cat as she was going away. She had two little girls with her who were afraid of snakes so they did not stay long. But they said they would send Alroy Butler. So after tea we heard a cat and when he came over we found there were two and the pure white one was not the one he wanted. So with great difficulty and shrieks on the part of Nelly the cat, we got it into the parlour and it ran around excitedly. Lily put a rug over it and tho it was 9.15 p.m. we moved it to the mainland. Lily had it in her lap and I rowed by the light of the stars. When we got near shore, the cat leapt from the boat on to the wharf and disappeared. Later on we heard a pistol shot and hoped no one was assassinating the cat. For it was a beauty but not meant for an islander.

I caught 2 cat fish and 3 perch. May Mathewson got a fine Mas Kalunge 2 1/2 lbs [Muskelunge] one day and a Pickerel 22" long. To-day Mr. Currely caught a 'lunge a yard long about 9 lbs, he gave it to the James's and he and his wife are coming to dinner to-morrow and we will devour it.

I took Mama and May Mathewson out rowing and a wind sprung up and we had a hard time landing and getting out of Stanton's. May is very nice Mama likes her so much. She expressed a box to the J's with oranges, melons, and celery. She is very generous. We brought up a basket of tomatoes and bananas. The great trouble with this family is they talk on religion till I wonder they don't go off on the subject. I don't wonder [?] tired of it.

Mama has nothing special to say. We were sorry to hear of you having that drive thro wind. As we are up here your weekly letter has not reached us yet.

With much love from us both


6250--Newspaper Article: "The Plains of Destiny" by Hugh Murray Fletcher

6251--Newspaper Article: "The Mitchells" letter by J.M. Gibson to the Times.

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