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W6287 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 14 1908 Monday
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin

It was quite a relief to receive your letter of Sept. 2nd this morning, although I kept telling myself that you were busy running about the country on some errand. The mails I think are uncertain just now, yours took 11 days to come and I sent Ruby's money to her on the 2nd and her letter this morning written on the 8th said her money had not reached her. The fires all over the country are so fearful and there have been so many mishaps on the Railway that I was rather uneasy for fear fire had reached you. The air is so full of smoke and sometimes so hazy and misty one can scarcely breathe. It seems clearer to-day. Last Saturday [?] steamers could scarcely find the piers at the Beach. The smoke & fog on Lake were so thick. Mr. [?] was up at Lake Rosseau and had to come home smoke so bad. It is so sad to think of the forests burning and the houses of the poor people. I was glad indeed to hear of you having some game to eat, it is such a lovely change. We had chicken for the first time last week. Glad you have a woman friend to help fix up your house, that miserable green lumber. If I only had a dollar to spare would send something for the Fisher family.

We had such a cheering letter from Ruby, it just rejoices me, would send it on but want Tom to see it as he has been bothering her to see a doctor out there before deciding to come home. She says she has gained 4 1/2 lbs more and weighs 123 1/2, if she puts some on next month will weigh more than ever in her life. Had no temperature for 3 days running although she had been on the go all the time, walking and getting tired but no temperature, so was writing in great spirits, but we mean her to stay till her ticket expires the last of October. God has been so good to bless this change to her, one scarcely realizes how terrible, if it had been otherwise.

Tom went up to London on Saturday, Sydney's father particularly wished to see him, so he took advantage of reduced rates for London Train. Did I tell you they want to put another young Little [sic] under Tom's wing. Poor boy! Central church has rented the Schoolroom across the way to the Christian Scientist, so we have opportunities of seeing these weak minded creatures. Mrs. Fletcher is expected home to-morrow, she has had a fine holiday, latterly with sisters in Chicago.

I am glad the Catholics were not allowed to carry the host through the streets of London. Hope the King will not receive the Papal Legate. Mrs. Clark, just returned from Eng.- Anglicans said the King took no notice of their meeting at all, never even came to a Sunday service in St. Paul's. The naughty man was at the races. I wish the King was becoming more thoughtful he is not a young man.

We have had no rain for over a month and no sign of it, prayer for it in the churches yesterday. Excuse pencil but it is so very handy and ink may get spilt. Much love from all.

Your loving Mother


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