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W6320 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Dec 7 1908
To: Rev. Calvin MxcQuesten Toronto, Ontario
From: Hamilton, Ontario

My dearest Cal,

I got home safely on Friday, it was a very calm sail. Unfortunately the day before Edna had found it quite rough for about an hour and very cold, but she was not sick. On Saturday Hilda and I had a cup of tea with Mrs. Thomson and her sister, Mrs. Mullin was there too. Mrs. Blaine does not leave here till Wednesday and accordingly [Laird?] will not be here for Christmas. Yesterday morning I went to Church and was not at all tired by it.

The M.B. [Mission Band] sale went very well. The Junior table did particularly well making $76, but the Senior made only about the same. So few make for it. If all took the interest of our girls a great deal more would be realized.

I was looking at the Christmas books and I find there are one or two new ones of Van Dyke and as they are brought out by Copps, Clark will get you to get me one for Uncle. Last year you got "Days Off." I notice one (advertised in "Record of Christian") by him, "Counsells by the Way"; but any of his books will do. I see Ralph Connor's "Life of Dr. Robertson" is out $1.50, have written to ask if there is any reduction on several copies. Had thought of it for Mr. Chisholm and John unless you saw something that would do John just as well at less cost. But perhaps there might be something in Dr. R.'s life that would do John some good. Perhaps you could find out price and I could send you money.

It is reported here that the minister of St. Giles is engaged, think it must be so or he would not propose to run off from his congregation so soon. If you can get out of preaching for him do so, as you need a holiday too and you can not walk down there it is too far, and I am sure he could not ask his managers to pay for it.

Heard from Ruby, she had been going about with a young lady who was trying for a teacher's position and had begged of R. to support her, visiting the Mistress so R. was seeing something of the country and its inhabitants. One trustee was a stony eyed Presbyterian who showed disapproval to Miss Shepherd's being a Methodist, another was a farmer and another Mr. Hill who had a hardware store. The latter and his wife were very agreeable and kept them for dinner. They are also going up, near Banff.

Well, must close, these are busy days. With much love from all,

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] We hear from Sydney Stevenson who wishes to spend weekend with us, the girls would enjoy it more if they were less busy. You might get another postcard book for M. at Copp [ladies'?].

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