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W6334 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Jan 20 1909
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten [Knox College, Toronto, Ontario]
From: 316-15th Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta

Dear old Calvinius,

I'm a lazy duffer and that is all there is about it. I might have written you a dozen letters instead of drowsing away reading & lolling & doing odds & ends. I've enjoyed that book you sent me immensely. I'm going to read it all over again--the language is so well chosen and it's very true to life in many things. I never read a book about children's ways of looking at things that I liked better.

It was so cold here for a time that it was simply out of the question staying out much & so I read. Cold weather seems to check any energy except in the lines of self-indulgence. I just fed myself & read & got off a few letters in answer to Xmas presents. Now it is beautiful weather & perhaps the severe cold is over for good.

You seem to be doing a good deal of preaching. I hope you're not working too hard. Mama said she had been getting you equipped as you had positively no clothes at all (an embarrassing thing to tell a lady). I'm relieved to hear you are not giving ward like the ancient Britons, in blue paint ("which gives them a very horrible aspect").

The Mother chickens seem relieved it is milder weather and one rooster goes on so that Mr. [Motter?, Motler?] says he won't be surprised to see him laying soon.

I went to the rink on Sat. night and an organ arrangement [tuned up badly] and persistently till you had a [haunted?] feeling and felt like an automaton of some kind. As usual I steadied around some girls and it reminded me of the time I puffed around at one rink at home like a little tug steadying big Graeme Stewart (I'm not sure how you spell his name).

You'll be pleased to know I've stopped gaining at 135 [pounds]. I've no [note?] to [dandle?] but I won't need much more room than my allotted corner of the table.1

I hope you're behaving yourself & not getting too gay with the boys at Knox. And don't work hard--I dislike the thought of it you know. And be good to yourself--With much love

Your affec'ate sister


1 This note about reaching the end of weight gain, combined with the note about her flagging energy MAY be indications that Ruby's illness is returning. See W6135.

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