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W6343 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 2 1909
In care of (c/o)
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College Toronto, Onatrio
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton

My dearest Calvin,

Indeed I was most interested and delighted to hear about your Greek critical exercise. I always am so glad to hear of your worth being appreciated. Between it all I am in great danger of being too much uplifted, for Mrs. Fletcher came across the church after service on Sabbath, to tell that Mr. Cunningham had been up and said "his people had listened spell-bound to you" and that you had a style of your own which he much liked.1 Then Mr. Paulin of St. Giles2 had told her you gave a most brilliant speech at the dinner to the Principal, so that some said, they had no need to bring J.A. Macdonald when they had you.3 So you see my dear, your star is in the ascendant, and I have been cheering myself by looking back and thinking no doubt the time you spent in the newspaper work will always be of great value to you. You had an opportunity of hearing some fine speakers and it is quite an education.

I am enclosing R's letter, she seems to be getting on finely, I am wondering if it is a nuisance to you to send on her letter to Tom and his to her, as you may not want to write them every week. I may send you down some common envelopes and stamps to help along and you could just send on without writing, as I am sure you are very busy. Time flies so. Glad you heard Mr. Pringle, like him so much.4 So poor Mrs. Sawyer is gone at last,5 died on the same day as Rolland Hills last year.6

We had our Auxiliary meeting to-day, a very good meeting. Mrs. Symington7 and Mrs. Thomson read very good papers, expecially the latter.8 Miss Fisher took tea with us yesterday, she goes back to Toronto on Thursday.9 Dr. and Mrs. Caven, after their experience do not feel like an ocean voyage immediately, so are going to Florida.10 A great many terrible things are happening all the time.

Edna and I take the greatest satisfaction in going to Mr. Howitt's Bible Class on Friday mornings. He is taking up Genesis, and it is a treat.12 I had a bill from Dr. Arnott with message that he was going away for six months. His father & mother and wife are going too. By the time he returns, he will have been a year out of his office.13 Well, Cal dear, I must close. With much love from all.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] We have the greatest satisfaction in the new man we got for ashes and snow cleaning. He is very civil and quick, does the work in half the time Gourlay did.

1 For Rev. John David Cunningham, see W4835.

2 James Burnside Paulin (1879-1969) University of Toronto 1904, Knox College 1902-03, Glasgow 1907-08, ordained and pastor at St. Giles Church, Hamilton 1908-16, Toronto 1918-30, teacher, Aurora 1930-32, St. John's Newfoundland 1932-34, Toronto, Rosedale 1934-50, D.D. Knox College 1930.

3 For Rev. Dr. James Alexander Macdonald, see W5898.

4 Dr. John Pringle had been a missionary to the Klondike, see W5172.

5 For Sawyer family see W4323.

6 For Hills family, see W4500. Rolland was likely the son of Albert H. Hills, Hamilton architect (W4297).

7 Mr. and Mrs. William Symington lived at 134 Duke St. She was a member of the WFMS at MacNab Church and was Treasurer of the Presbyterial (Latoszek 25; W8867, W7826).

8 For Mr.s Thomson and family, see W4415.

9 For Miss Fisher , see W4315.

10 Dr. and Mrs. John Caven had been passengers on the shipwrecked Republic , see W6336.

11 For Howitt, see W5199.

12 For Dr. Arnott, see W4815.

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