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W6351 TO CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Edna McQuesten
Feb 12 1909
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten
From: Whitehern Hamilton Ontario

My dear Calvin

Received the letter and postal note to-day and was sorry you had to take up your time getting an order. By rights I ought to pay you for getting an order. I was glad not to have got it before as it would have been spent now. Dr Clark said he got to know Mr Woods in Muskoka and liked him so much. He said the Woodses had a beautiful place in Muskoka. The flags were half-mast as he used to be an alderman here. I have purchased three hearts for three old women at the Refuge as Sunday is Valentine's Day. They cost me a cent a piece but are very pretty. I'm not sending a Valentine to you as I expected you're engrossed in your studies and Mrs McQuesten has borrowed my money for dress-making. I got the material I wanted last week but haven't begun to manufacture a nightgown yet.

Eleanor Turnbull comes with me to the Refuge every week. To-day Mr Steele from Dundas was there with Mrs Weir the old women were much taken with him. He read them a description of a dog fight, told them stories and Mrs Weir sand Scotch songs. The songs or the dog fight made Mrs Coffins very homesick for the Old Country and she began to cry. She wanted to get out all day to-day because it was a lovely day and they said it was too wet. Also they don't let her go out working and so she has no money. They used to let her. She must be like me. Singing especially old songs is too much for me. She began to be afraid they would burn her husband's photograph and so on. She showed me a photo of her nephew, a soldier and her nieces in the old country and wound up by giving me two cards her nieces had sent her which Mama says I must return. I took her letter to the post and relieved her mind on that score.

Yesterday we had the Miss Shaw and old Mrs Murray from Grimsby who lives here, in for tea. We had quite a jolly time and I wish you had been here to enjoy the chocolate cake, cold ham, muffins etc. Old Mrs Mrray is very garrulous. The Miss Shaws were inquiring about David Ross. They were at Bayview Farm which he was, I couldn't give them very late news of him. They had been taken with him but did not think him practical. He was certainly nice to them. They said it was the pleasantest summer they ever spent. They are such a nice trio and were enchanted with our rooms. Someone had told them Jack Sharks at Bayview Farm had said Ruby had taught him so much. For he said "you know she's an educated lady and he doesn't make fun of me like the others do".

Mama was much tickled to hear such fine reports of your preaching. I hope Tom is not having too hard a time and does not take cold. Eleanor and Connie Turnbull are a great acquisition. Connie and I are learning a duet. Mama and I practise it. You have less than two months now so don't study too hard.

Your affectionate sister


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