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W6371 TO CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Mary Baldwin.
Mar 23 1909
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten
From: Whitehern Hamilton Ontario

My dear Calvin ,

Just a few lines to thank you for the card I spent a very pleasant birthday although there were only two of us, but I think for once I got enough buns, we had a dozen between us two. Ruby sent me two pretty handkercheifs, Mamma and Hilda gave me hat pins, Edna some Burmese post cards. Tom's letter reached me to-day although his present did not. We had a great time last night The Mission Band gave a musical at our house which was very successful, quite a number of people came one we took in nearly nine dollars. Mr Leitch was chairman and was really most comical. Think he was more than pleased at being asked. Mrs. Weir, Jean Findlay and Mrs Linellie contributed to the programme.

I forgot to say that Mary Stephens sent me a lovely bunch of siingle violets, wasn't it sweet of her. Gladys has been staying with her for a few days.

Hilda returned from [??] Monday and reported that Edna was getting on splendidly, Mamma is also picking up. If we could only keep the two from not seeing each other for some time, think both would get entirely well.1 Gourlay Colquhoun leaves the bank next month, and intends going to Kingston Military College as a preliminary to entering the regular army. I think it is the best thing he can do as he would never have risen very high in the bank and he may do something in military. Katherine Parrish and Harry Page were married last week. Both were on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and the doctor advised immediate marriage and four months trip to Europe or he would not answer for the consequences. I suppose Mrs Parrish will foot the bill. It was a very quiet wedding only the two families, so poor Lorna Calhamn did not have a chance to wear her new dress.

I see by the paper that another of the Izards (the Glassco's cousins) has died at Gravenhurst. Mrs James Thomson came out to church with the two children on Sunday. She seems such a sensible and brave little woman. I believe her Catholic relatives are endorsing to get her back but don't think she will as she knows Mr Thomson would not have approved of it. Well my dear boy as news is scarce must leave,

Your affectionate sister

Mary B. McQuesten

Am sorry this letter is not more interesting but it is "After the Ball" with us, owing to the excitement of last night.

1 See also W2511 for more on the family's inherited mental illness. For more information on the family members, go to the "Home Page", click on "Family" and then click on the individual portraits.

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