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W6431 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 28 1909
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Cal,

Received yours of the 18th written at Lorimerville. You certainly have been leading a wandering life of late. The long drives must be tiring but if you have fine weather the fresh air braces you. It would be much more tiresome I think to feed plough boys. I suppose if Andy Findlay is ill, he cannot do your work, it will make your seeding late. Will it not?

We continue to have rainy weather, but it has have been a little warmer lately. The lilacs are not yet in flower and we always have them for Queen's Birthday, they never fail even in a backward season. We are looking every post for a letter from Tom telling of his coming, as we had expected him to-morrow but have heard nothing, perhaps he could not tell for certain. Nellie Mullin went back to her nursing this week. Her Mother is really any thing but well, and Heurner told me, he did not know what it was. We were not pleased with Nellie, she kept running about visiting in Toronto, Belleville, and at the very last up to the country to the Aunts, and never seemed to care to spend any time at home and look after her mother. The little time she was at home she was always wanting to have teas, Sunday as well as other days, not at all a comfort. Her life in the States seems to have made her restless and without any religion.

Well just now we have had a call from Miss Fisher, she is feeling very miserable after an attack of grippe, was inquiring for you. That reminds me of a call we had had from Mr. & Mrs. George Browne, Mrs. Browne romances in just the same way, they are getting the furnishings now from the Palace. Mr. B. cannot hear a word now, but where they are near New York is Paradise. We were made to feel life is not worth living in poor Canada.

I have been busy preparing a paper on Foreign Missions for the morning Sunday Bible class. They have been studying Acts all winter and mine is to be a wind up. I have been busy arranging meetings for next week. Mrs. Morton of Trinidad and her husband are to be here for next week at Assembly so I'm arranging to have her speak at a meeting. They are fine people have been nearly 45 years there. Then the Board are coming up from Toronto to have a conference with Presbyterial Presidents who can take advantage of Assembly rates. It is arranged that Dr. McTavish is to go to Mrs. Thomson, we were to have him but I saw it was going to be too much for the girls and myself to have anyone so long when we have no cook.

Hope the barrel & box reach you alright. I sent you a Westminster, but I forgot to tie a string around it besides the wrapper and hope it does not bust open. Wish I could have sent you a pineapple they are remarkably cheap this year, to-day at the butcher's I got one at 5cts. Not a small one either just because it was dead ripe and most people, silly things, will not take them, they are really the best.

Saturday 29th Tom has not appeared yet, suppose he could not get his money in and his affairs settled. It is a very warm day, quite hot. Well, I must close. With much love from all.

Your Loving Mother


[P.S.] It is annoying that your mails should take so long.

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