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W6466 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 3 1909
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

Your letter with Tom's enclosed came in due time, and he being at home received it on the day. I was rather puzzled because in yours dated 18th you mentioned that the barrel had reached but in yours of the 22nd you say nothing about it. Perhaps in the meantime you had not been home. Was very glad to hear Mr. Wilson thought so well of your homestead, would like to go out and see it. We have had a continuance of very warm weather, but last night we had a thunderstorm and rain and to-day it is fine and cool. The roses are not yet over and the Catalpas are out in all their glory, they are a great sight but the majority of passers by seem to be more interested in the building opposite, they are making it a fire-proof building with cement and iron floors.

On Wednesday we had a call from Dr. Herbert Bell, never saw him looking so well and seems in such good spirits. He and his mother leave in less than two weeks for Dublin and London. I think I told you that he has obtained a position as professor in a University in Wisconsin, at $1200 a year, to which he goes in the fall.

Mr. Chisholm, his sister and Miss McPhie sail to-day from Montreal, so Tom has full possession of Mr.C.'s room at the office. The Bard called on him the other day and remarked on his happy situation with these nice young ladies (the stenographers) which of course embarrassed the poor girls terribly. Mrs. Thomson asked us to a little tea in the garden to meet Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Montague. It was a very warm day and the doctor arrived wheeling the baby in carriage. Mr. Murray was there too and Mrs. Mullin, but Laura not well enough to appear. Hamilton is very dull indeed, so many people away. Had almost forgotten to speak of Peter Taylor's wedding. As Mrs. Williams is such a delicate person, it was as quiet as possible. But Douglas wanted it in the church, so all the friends went to see it, but they had no reception at the house, not even a wedding cake. We all thought it a pity--her Aunts could not manage to do something. Do not know if they were ashamed of Peter's relations, the brothers and their wives came to the church and after the ceremony walked away. It did seem so stupid and all they needed to have in afternoon "Tea." No one even put the announcement in the paper. Roy must be a stupid [sic].

The Editors would have a fine time in the old country. It was annoying to hear all the names, Macdonald called that resolution on "Defence" These newspapermen do have a fine time sometimes.

Well, Cal, dear I hope no accidents will befall you and every thing will go satisfactorily. Booker finally sent his bill for the suit of $28 but no mention is made of altering any clothes. Shall I ask him for it? Acres sent his bill to me $5.00 I do not care, only Tom considered it impertinence, he should have sent it to you (my care), but I fancy they did not think, and it might be old Acres. Do not trouble about it. If you prefer sending it let me know or I will pay it sometime. With much love.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Tom will be answering your letter soon. I would not have mentioned Acres bill but I thought it would look better perhaps for you to send it and I will send you $5 if you are short. Be sure to tell me.

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