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W6495 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 11 1909
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

Your letter talking of the Clark wedding reached us yesterday. It was too bad they did not know of your prerogative, but it gave you an opportunity of seeing how another man did the job. This week I had an invitation from Mrs. Steele to come out and take tea with Mrs. Henderson and bring one of the girls, so Mary and I went out on Thursday p.m. I enjoyed very much having a chat with them. Both Mrs. S. and Mrs. H. were inquiring for you and most interested to hear of your doings, had always admired your pluck. Ernest Henderson returns from abroad next month, when he is to be married to Miss Clarkson. To myself I wondered what he was going to marry on, so I asked if he was going into general practice, Mrs. H. said he was going into partnership with a doctor and Mr. H. was setting them up. It is wonderful the money these people seem to have. They had just returned from Hot Springs Virginia, where Mr. H. enjoys golf on a very beautiful ground, they had also visited Constance at Carlisle Penn. where Edwin is settled she thinks. Con would rather be a missionary's wife than over a congregation. Her little girl is Ruth. She thinks Velyien is really too timid to propose to a girl.

The doctors give no hope of Edwin Kellog's brother ever recovering. Mrs. Steele told me that Mr. Jaffary had very poor health, had nervous prostration, mind affected, but is now back at his work, but not strong. It is very hard for them.

Mrs. Steele and Mabel had just returned from the continent where they had been since last summer, Mabel of course plays with great execution, but that sort of playing does not touch me. Mrs. H. had gone with some other members of W.F.M.S to Prof . Maclaren's funeral; there were twenty five nephews there, they were all very fond of him, Jean Maclaren says.

Tom has been having some police-court cases, and last night he went to Barnum's Circus, he invited the members of the family but none seemed inclined though I really made no opposition. There were a great many animals and a great procession.

We have Dr. Eakins to-morrow I hope it will not be so warm to-morrow. Last Sabbath it was a terrible day, and I could not go out, fortunately it did not last. We have had scarcely any rain and it is so dry. They are working away at the [?], but I think they are at the last floor and the noisy part will be over. There is nothing special to tell, we are just taking things as easy as we can. We hear nothing more of the Railway matter and fancy it will be a long time before anything is done.

Time is flying, when you receive this the middle of August will be over. With much love from us all.

Your loving mother

M. B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Tom was taken to the Circus by a newspaper friend, he did not tell his name.

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