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W6528 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 18 1909
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst Saskatchewan
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

We were very glad indeed to receive two letters from you yesterday one of Sept 7th and one 8th, as we received none from you last week. Yes indeed, poor little Ruby has had a hard time of it. I cannot bear to think of that Calgary experience, I am sure she suffered everything with the cold and never let us know a word about it. Well she has had the best of care since she came home and with God's help, we believe she will be quite rested.

On Monday early in the afternoon before any one could be dressed Herbert Bell appeared to say good-bye before starting for Wisconsin, he arrived home from England a few days before, leaving his mother in Dublin, he was much worked up over the little consideration shown her by Florrie and her husband, so that he had to interfere and put his foot down that his mother must not be expected to lift little Gerald who is a very heavy child. Whilst talking to him Lillie and Nelly James appeared, they stayed till boat-time. Then next day Mrs. Whittemore and Penrose drove in from Waterdown and had tea. Reggie is much better Mary saw him at the Fair, as full of Salada as ever.

The time seems so near till you come home that it scarcely seems worth while to write down the chitchat. As to myself I am really wonderfully well, now that the hot weather is over and I have got over the fright about Ruby, am sleeping and eating well, so you need not be uneasy about me. It seems too bad there are no more weddings, after giving so much time. I quite understood about putting no mortgage on your land, I meant I could raise it on mine.

Well, Edna has been away all summer, but she writes me that she is in the best of health, so we think she must come home soon. Am very thankful you are in such good health, but you must not work too hard when you come home. With much love from,

Your mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] It is wonderful how God brings us through one trial after another, gives us strength.

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