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W6557 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, ESQ. B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Dec 3 1909 Friday [approximate date]
In care of (c/o)
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College Toronto Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

Dearest Calvin,

We have had a most Exciting week. Every one driven to the last point. On Tuesday the M.B. [Mission Band] Sale finally came off, and was the most successful for many years. The Seniors made over $150 and the Juniors $80, so tho' tired they were very happy. Yesterday we had to get Mary keyed up for May Steven's Tea, and the united efforts of the family made an old dress look very smart. Mary did not come home until about nine o'clock and then missed her brooch-Grandma's topaz, of course there was great consternation. She had called at Blanche MacKay's on her way home and had it then. So she went over to the stable for a lantern and Tom went with her and they went all the road back. I went up stairs and prayed, for poor Mary was so distressed and I new it would spoil her trip to-day. Presently they returned with it, found it on the walk on Robinson near Caroline Sts. Wasn't that a kind Providence!

Isn't just a comfort to hear of Ruby keeping on? According to your directions your valise went off by express this morning. When every moment is valuable to you at this time. (I had not thought of that) you are quite justified. I hope M. will have good enough weather. Am afraid of the East wind, however she went off this morning.

I am getting in a lot of money these days and paying it out just as fast, but am most thankful to have it. Had a nice letter from Janie James. The weather is very dull. There were 2 pairs of under drawers unmarked, but I think they were yours, so I mailed them for you, and I think we put none of Tom's in this week. That's a very sad Brush and Comb bag but it may prove suggestive. Thanks for telling us about the pictures, but M. had plans for all her time. A card will be quite sufficient now and then, these busy days. One can put a great deal on a card. Think I forgot to tell you that Blackett Robinson said, how much he admired your letter to Marion. It was "so [?acy]." St. Paul's have actually got another bell. But it really looks very pretty and quaint a little Cupola on the S.S. I am waiting to get hold of the first St. Paul's man to rate them for their noisiness. All send best love.

Your loving mother

M.B McQuesten

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