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W6620 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jan 29 1910
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College Toronto Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

Your clothes came this morning in good time. Well I have been having a strenuous week. We began on Monday by going up and talking over the prayer meeting with Mrs. Ketchen. At the Annual meeting last week, I had felt impelled to express my regrets at the state of our prayer meeting, and said the cause was there, when various ones mourned that there was not a larger attendance on Sundays, when we had such a fine preacher. A juvenile reporter made me say the managers were ashamed to pray, but people knew I couldn't say that and many were much pleased I had spoken. There is a prayer meeting before church Sunday mornings, and only the four old elders go and very seldom any but them come on Wednesday nights. Why, Mr. K. has to keep the Session notes, cannot get one of them to act as Session Clerk. Old Mr.Davidson was the last one that really filled the office. When Mrs. Ross came on the scene and wished to hold a meeting on the subject of prevailing prayer, it seemed to me a providence. Then Mr. Ketchen had been preaching a course on James and his evening sermon was the last chapter, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous marriage." Then came Mrs. R.'s meeting on Monday and Tuesday we had our annual Presbyterial at Dundas. Mary and I started off at 10:15 a.m. We had a large meeting, lunch and tea served in the basement, and before leaving the table after lunch Mrs. Cawthorpe Smith gave an account of Mr. Goforth's meetings in St. Catharines which seem to have been most successful. I followed up her remarks and referred to that little book "A Spiritual Awakening" (I had ordered 25 copies to be sent to the meeting but Miss Parsons could not get them). Then our missionary Miss Campbell told me she was just going to speak from that little book on the work of the Holy Spirit; which she did telling too of the results as seen in the revival amongst her girls in the orphanage, they were the famine children and we believe they are to do a great work for their own people, several are already doing it. Unfortunately Miss Campbell's fine address was interrupted by Mrs. Scott fainting, she recovered however, after frightening some of the ladies a good deal, some think she had a stroke.

I did not stay for evening meeting. Mary thought she would have worth of her money and stayed. It occurred to me to bring Miss Campbell in to address the prayer meeting, the last union one in St. Paul's. Mr. K. thinks we ought to have our own and Mary thinks so too, they will not go to St. Paul's. So Miss C. stayed overnight with us. She gave a very fine and stirring address and many were much impressed I was thankful to have Mr. Drummond hear it. I doubt if he had ever heard any thing like it in his life. Sir Thos. Taylor seemed much pleased when he spoke to Miss C. Well, Elsie Buchanan has been getting much stirred up for some time. Poor Mr. Childenhose and others stayed with her at Assembly and she heard a wonderful address, from Mrs. Goforth at that time. Then the Keswick brethren stayed with her and in addition to others writing she wrote to Mr. Goforth and I had a letter from her this morning that Mr.G. is coming to Knox church on 20th Feb. for a week, so we are going to have a special prayer meeting again on Tuesday and I trust that some good results may follow. Mrs. Ross thinks there is a clear indication of many minds being turned to the Subject, and a feeling of lacking.

Lorna Culhain came up a week ago with Douglas for Olive was taken with scarlet fever, and they have been trembling and imagining they were getting it till Lorna took Douglas to Heurner Mullin who relieved their minds by telling them it would have appeared in four days, if they were going to have it. It is an ill wind &c. for now Edna will have Lorna's Company and we are sure it will quite cheer her up.

I expect to be in Toronto on Tuesday first of March if all is well. The Presidents of Auxiliaries are being summoned to a conference on this "Tentative Constitution" and it is so important, I feel called to go, if possible.

You spoke of wondering how Mrs. Ross would act, well you know I wrote her from Gravenhurst and she seemed pleased I had written her, so we just met as usual.

By the way Miss Campbell has a sister named to the superintendent of Methodist Missions inn Arizona, they live at Phoenix, she gave me their address in case I should ever want information. She said she heard the superintendent of the Presbyterian missions there speaking and telling any young men who had weak lungs to come out there, they could give them plenty of openings. But I trust and pray R. will never need to go so far. Nothing is impossible with God. Her letter is very cheerful. I had seen Heurner Mullin at the station on Wednesday when we were seeing Nellie Mullin off, I told him R.'s last report, he was in a grumpy humour and not a bit inclined to encourage, then I told of her getting up & visiting Miss Stark when he said, "Tell her not to be a fool, she may put herself back 9 months." He is the queerest most disagreeable creature. Well, this is a long staver. My rent is due on Tuesday and I would like to know if you think $20 would carry you through the month. With love from all and much from myself.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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