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W6630 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 5 1910 Saturday Night [approximate date]
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College Toronto Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

Your letter was most interesting and it was good tidings, those morning prayer meetings, for in reading the Lives of Saints, one often notices they rose early for prayer, like Havelock. At the same time Cal dear do not lead too strenuous a life, remember you have to be careful; you remember how you ran yourself to-day [sic] organizing Bible classes, "The Spirit is willing" indeed but we have to be ruled after all by our bodies.

I had intended sending just the $20 altogether. Did you think I meant $20 besides the five I enclosed? Was pretty pleased to know, you had got the unmentionables for five. It certainly seems a most blessed change at Knox from the days of Jock Inkster. Well, we have been taking sleigh rides yesterday and to-day Edna was not sleeping very well and appetite not so good and we determined she had got to be more in the open air and she cannot walk for more than an hour without getting too tired, so we felt even though we went into debt, we must go driving. So I found out from Miss Copp, that she got a horse from a livery on Hughson worth it by going often, could get a horse and sleigh for a dollar for an afternoon. That seemed worth while; so we started off yesterday at 2 o'clock. The most delightful day; Hilda drove E. up for Lorna Culhain and they just had a jolly afternoon and Edna went to bed and right to sleep. We went out again to-day, though it was very cold and though E. does not feel it, H. was suffering considerably before she got home after three hours of it; they took Katie Irving for a drive, whilst I visited Mrs. Irving, she walked downstairs to-day and looks as well as could be expected. But Edna thoroughly enjoys the driving and she has certainly to be kept out as much as possible, needs about the same treatment as R. fresh air and food and one needs to sleep soundly for the trains are something fearful when snow is on the tracks. This is the time I always vow I'll take the first offer for house; the one I spoke of is dependent on the city allowing company (a cold storage) to put a switch across McNab St, which Mr. C. [Chisholm] thinks city will not do.

This has been a gay week altogether for the family, Mrs. Ketchen had tickets for the Elgar choir given by the Hopes Mr. K. could not go, so she took Hilda on Tuesday night Tom took Mary on Wednesday, Music wonderfully beautiful. It must have been a great thing to hear the Mendelsohn Choir. A man told Tom that the children's singing was something wonderful, "He felt like a fool, sitting there with the tears rolling down his cheeks." But one can't have every thing in this world, much less pay for it. And it seems to me, if I could just have the family well, nothing else would matter. We must just hold on to God in prayer.

Isn't that wireless telegraphy a wonderful thing? The rescue of the Kentucky another instance.

Well, the end of the story has come. I do not suppose you want the paper sent longer. The first number of British Weekly has just come! Too late I am afraid for Election speeches, they wrote they would send some December numbers but they have not come. I do not know where to get copy of "Rogers Reasons," R. speaks about him. Now, do not work too hard, with love from all and much from,

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.} You would see money in small envelope in your parcel which left yesterday.

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