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[Note written at top] Had two letters this week from R.

W6642 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 19 1910 Saturday [approximate date]
In care of (c/o)
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College Toronto Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

It was so very cold yesterday that I felt as if I was thoroughly tired of the winter, but to-day it is moderating and bright, so I do not feel so discouraged. In order to get Edna out the horse was ordered in spite of the cold and she and H. managed to stay out for an hour and a half. They were out on Monday when it was quite pleasant; but the snow is so deep, that they cannot drive out in the country and it becomes very monotonous going round and round the few streets that are not spoiled by car tracks. Hamilton is really ruined for driving.

Last night Tom and Hilda were at a party at the Manse. Mrs. McCoy Hamilton had the cheek to ask Mrs. Ketchen to entertain the Choir, Tom happened to be up there and she said she wanted Mr. McQuesten asked, the girls wanted him asked. Did you ever hear anything like that? Mrs. K. was annoyed because she had intended entertaining the choir and didn't wish to be asked to do so. So she asked quite a few young people whom she had been wishing to have for a long time and it proved a very pleasant evening. Mr. Ketchen preaches at Harriston to-morrow, the re-opening of a church and announced that the minister would take his place here; but afterwards the minister telephoned Dr. Fletcher (as he has a telephone) that his people wanted him to be there, so the doctor immediately offered his services for to-morrow so there we are. Thomas is announcing him as the Pastor Emeritus declaring the people will not know who it is.

Tom heard from Lily James that Mrs. Homer Popham is dead, so we are waiting to hear conditions of the will, a house has been left to each of the girls; as Edna remarked very fervently, "If ever there was a family that deserved to have something left to them that was the family."

Mrs. Bell arrived here on Wednesday morning by steamer "Baltic" to New York after a very stormy passage, the storm shook the vessel (which is considered particularly steady) like a terrier does a rat. By-the-way this is a very melancholy time for dogs. However she felt better when she landed than when she left Dublin. Anything to equal the misery of that climate I do not know. Water trickling the walls, clothes mildewing, children hardly ever able to go out because of fog, great consternation prevailed at 6 in snow.

Well, as our meeting at the Evan Training Home begins at 10 a.m. think I'll write Mr. McKay to take me in day before. Would you like to meet me at Station or Eaton's, will have a little time before six o'clock if I take 3 p.m. train Monday Feb. 28th. Our meeting is March 1st.

I think R.'s letters very encouraging. Yes, indeed, the time is just flying and though it is fine to be through with exams, there are great pleasures in the student's life, after that one has to face the stern realities. E. is keeping so well thankful it is not this time last year for her and R. With love from all and much from,

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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