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[Note at top] By the way, a Mr. Craw preached here once & said his brother knows Cal. Does Cal remember Craw, the brother of Craw? No answer is expected.

W6665 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Ruby McQuesten
Mar 21 1910
To: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

My darling Mother,

Your dear old letter came this morning and the charcoal lozenges. You send me everything I ask for before I realize my letter can have reached home. You just spoil a person, you do!

And Hurrah for Tom! Think of him as legal examiner! The wretched students! Once I was put through an examination by him as to how much dinner I eat--how many beans, etc. But it looks awfully well for him to have been given a position like this--a beardless boy! I'll get into trouble if I don't look out.

You needn't mind not sending me flowers. I know you always want to. But really I so often get flowers & I think it pays to go a few days without them sometimes. But I like to think of the Easter Market.

Give my special love to Mrs. Thomson & little Laura [Hostetter] when you see them & my love to Mrs. Joe [Thomson] I often feel so like writing but I've got the habit now of doing nothing.1

That was a great thing getting the money for Mrs. Goforth.

I'm glad you and Edna are to hear Seton Thomas [Ernest Thompson Seton]. I always enjoyed him thoroughly and the last time I heard him in Ottawa little Dr. Amis hauled me up to be introduced. Of course he'd remember me!

This morning I had a nice little visit from Mrs. Parfitt. She's very good about coming to see me.

But I never told you about the trouble in that household about ten days ago. Little John Young--perhaps you saw him--Mrs. Young's little boy, about ten or twelve, a little fair bright lad, was almost electrocuted about seven o'clock in the morning after a storm. They can't tell how it happened--another light had acted queerly & there must have been some defective wiring. Anyway the whole iron bed was charged and the little fellow had put up a hand to turn his light & with the other hand touched the iron bedstead & got a terrible charge--the top of his head terribly burned, through the skull in a couple of places & one hand terribly burned too. It was thought there was no chance and Dr. Starr & another surgeon were up by noon. However he recovered consciousness sooner than they expected & it was decided if he lived a couple of days to take him to Toronto, for the healing of wounds in the head is such a slow & dangerous process that it needs a surgeon to attend. So the Sat. that young Grant died the little boy with his head all bandaged up but in very good spirits was taken by the doctors & Mrs. Young & her brother & the two other children--a regular party--to Toronto. He's been doing nicely. On Tuesday they feared it was all up but by Thursday the doctor thought he'd pull through now alright & he seems to have steadily done well for such a case. I hated to tell you about it when it was so uncertain for I knew you'd feel badly when Mrs. Young has been so kind to me. But I wondered if Cal, or if Cal at this time is too busy, if you could possibly manage when in Toronto to call & enquire & leave a card. He couldn't see the little lad but could do just as he liked about seeing Mrs. Young. It wouldn't be necessary if he'd rather not. He may be in the hospital for a long time perhaps months. Mrs. Young has so many friends I fancy he has lots of flowers sent him. He is at Miss Lash's private Hospital--I think Wellesley St. but am not sure. He could find it in any directory or telephone book. It is hard writing letters & I think Mrs. Young would appreciate anything.

I had a postal card from the Bard [William Murray] with a poem which Tom should read aloud. It has a picture of a hare which I'm to dine on for Easter. My row of St. Patrick's cards is now being mingled with Easter cards. This little ledge by my bed holds them all. Well, I must really close. With much love & congratulations to Tomphy & love to all.

Your affec'ate daughter


1 This is an indication that Ruby's health is waning. For more information on Ruby and her treatment for Consumption (Tuberculosis), see W6135, and see her biographical sketch by clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then clicking on her picture.

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