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W6726 TO MRS. MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN AND EDNA from daughter and sister Hilda McQuesten
Jul 19 1911
To: [Bayfield] Ontario
From: Whitehern Hamilton, Ontario

My Darling Mother and Oddy [Edna]

We received your letter to-day and will be really very glad to see you again.1 Those boarding houses are awful I expect after a few weeks, we have been having delightful weather with nice little houses nearly every day. Will and Miss Honey [?] and try and arrange.

Last night I was up for tea at the Chisholms. It happened to be Lizzie's Birthday, but she had no cake which I thought a shame and the [?] James had not even remembered it. While there Mr. Charles Graham called her up by phone and congratulated her. It appears they are twins? In the afternoon Alice Stewart came up with a box of lovely chocolat for Lizzie's birthday present and strange to say we all enjoyed them immensely. It seems that Alice Stewart had been called a 'snob' by Lizzie C. about two weeks ago and so had cut Lizzie's maintenance till yesterday.

I also heard of the engagement of Mr. Faskin [?] was wed to a Miss Ross, she sang in our choir, the dark eyed one, not the fair one. He fell in love with her the minute he saw her so report goes!! Another case of a man feeling awful bad over his wife's death. No wonder Miss Honey could say that was the time to catch them?? He was her book-keeper and Elizabeth Chisholm thought it disgraceful.

Actually had a ripe harvest apple up there, their orchard looks quite promising. Tom was in Toronto to-day and got back in time for tea.

Was sorry to hear about Wess [or Tess] Turnbull, the stoves seem always to be poor in these places. It is a good thing I didn't go up I fancy. Had a letter on hand will answer it shortly.

I'm sure you and Edna have endured much suffering and privation? That [ink blot] to be the way when it is cooking out at these summer resorts.

Miss McFarlane was awfully pleased with your letter and she said it did her a lot of good. Mary says she will try and greet you with a smiling countenance. She did not appear so fierce this time at the news of your return so don't be scared?

Yes, we have the those markets off Saturday afternoon, they were to be in that night. We are afraid of Edna's [ink blot] into river and we hated the idea of her freezing, poor little soul.

I had a letter from Calvin. He is enjoying a lazy time, and my darling brother's news is a [so ? so]. We are all very well and hope this will find you the same. Can't find out what time your train arrives. Do you think you will arrive to [ink blot] will I come up.

With heaps of love. Hilda

Had a letter from Helen Locke, Charley has a wee bairn. "Jim" it is called after Connie's father, the small boys a [?]. I am enclosing part of another corset cover.

1 Mary Baker McQuesten and her daughter Edna are vacationing in Bayfield, Ontario. Ruby had died in April of 1911, and they are resting and escaping the heat.

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