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[Written at top] There should be about $27 in bank besides the rent if H. needs it.

W6789 TO THOMAS MCQUESTEN, ESQ. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 5 1912 Thursday Evening [date given in Wh. Calendar]
To: Thomas McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton Ontario
From: 'The Manse' Bracebridge Ontario

My dearest Tomtie,

I really do sympathize with you deeply in having things in the bath-room so upset in weather like this. I do not know how you manage without a bath. It is just misery. Tell H. we have found [written over ?]'s keys and Edna is getting well over her cold and has been working diligently at her cosy. To-day we were at home and received four ladies. Mrs. Galbraith and her daughter Mrs. Bastedo and Mrs. Armstrong (the butcher's mother) a kindly portly dame. Mary and Cal are going to the Band Benefit Concert in Town Hall. Cal is to give a recitation. It has been such a warm day, E. and I prefer not to go. Last night there was a wedding in the church, a youth of 22 and a girl of 19 from the country. In the midst our sound sleep at 2 a.m we were awakened by the fire-bells. It was Armstrong's stable, just before you come to corner near the Fire Hall, cannot account for it. The Wheedons, Deans all were out, Cal went too, but we were not moved.

To-day Mr. Bridgland brought over a huge bunch of immense asters just like the ragged chrysanthemums and Mrs. Christie sent us some brilliant gladioli which look very fine in the library. Had a letter from Mrs. Colin Fletcher proposing I should go up for two meetings on a Sunday in October in the two churches. But I decided it would be too much for me. Had a beautiful card from Mr. Chisholm from North Devon, but it is cold and wet there. A very remarkable and disastrous season for farmers it will need much grace and faith. Poor Willie! he seemed pleased to be here but the weather made it very dull. Think of those people at St. George, never having asked him there all this summer.

I am sure the kitchen must be lovely. Must close now and go to the post. With fondest love.

Your mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

[P.S.] Glad to hear from H.

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