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W6820 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 22 1915
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Buckingham Quebec
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton

My dearest Calvin,

I must start my letter to-night, as to-morrow we have another field-day at house cleaning. We have just finished several days of hard driving with Miss Honeycomb, but it is quite a satisfaction to get things done in good time while weather is cool. You see if we do not get things done before first of May, we will not do any thing after, as we would not have time.

We are so pleased that it has been raining to-day, for we have had so little rain this spring that things were getting very dry, we had quantities of violets but too short to pick, the little blue scillas were so lovely too. Tom has been setting out a few more evergreens and other things. Mary and I have been getting some long coats made to put over light dresses, but of French Can. homespun. I got it in a nice pretty colour, when I was in Toronto. Edna is resplendent in pink homespun. I think I told you Miss Fisher was up for a few days with Mrs. Logie, but she seems to have failed very much and is very weak.

The war news seems terrible just now, it hangs over one, and we feel as if we didn't know what would happen next. It seems so fearful to think of the awful slaughter, thousands of men handed over to death. Such fine fellows too! It makes one ill to think of it, and no one can stop it, we are just helpless.

Friday morn. Your letter has just come. Am glad you are going to preach on John Geddie, it is such a good thing for a minister to improve these occasions, the people know very little about the lives of missionaries and I always find them most inspiring and I think you can make such an interesting address out of them. I was sorry Mr. Ketchen could not take it up, but that unfortunate man is either ill himself or some of the family, so that he never has a chance to do himself justice. H. has gone off now for a little change to stay till the Anniversary May 2nd when Dr. Herridge preaches. I have not had time yet to plan what I can do in going to Montreal. I do not want to travel at night and I have an idea the G.T.R. is the best for getting to Montreal. The C.P.R. to Ottawa is a dreadful load, I always [sic]. Besides our reduced fares are limited to certain days, and also I am not equal to much running about, my strength is limited. So I hardly think I could go to Buckingham before, and do not know exactly what time there is after till I look into it better. I expect to be pretty tired after the meeting here and there will just be a week to rest before the next. Yet I do not like the idea of being so near and not taking a look in. Will be better able to judge after the meeting here is over on May 6th. It is very close and warm to-day after last night's rain and rather trying for house cleaning, but we have an excellent woman. It is well the land-slide did not come near the church or Manse. All join in much love.

Ever your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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